Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Lush Carrots

Hello! Has anyone else got this cough and cold? I'm really not loving it.. I needed a new face mask at the weekend so I went straight to Lush. On my visit I saw their new Easter products and these carrots really caught my eye...

I've also just started reading The Clockwork Orange which I've been meaning to read for ages! I read so much last year but barely have this year so if you have any suggestions let me know!

'Swish a carrot around your bath to enjoy soft clouds of bubbles and tropically scented water. Although these reusable bubble bars may do a convincing carrot impression, their fragrance definitely gives them away: buchu, lemon and bergamot oils create a tropical, fruity and refreshing bath.' -

These carrots really don't smell of carrots, but even through my cold I can small they have a fruityness to them that fills the bathroom. Lush's Bubble Bars are my favourite as I have never quite got the knack of creating thousands of bubbles with bubble bath and these are fool proof - just hold them under the tap as your bath runs. With these, you can hold them by the cute string tops although I found this came loose after 3 uses. I also love that you can use these over and over until they finally disappear, which for me was 5-6 baths, depending on the carrot size. As you get 3 carrots per purchase, that's about 18 baths on a good run, so I think they're really good value for money and you get soooo many yummy baths for it.

Although the whole orange bath thing is kind of cool, I only hold my carrot under the tap for about 45 seconds which creates plenty of bubbles in my opinion but doesn't give a strong colour (not the most appealing). It left my skin feeling really smooth and lingered on my skin for an hour or so after I got out which I liked as it doesn't clash with other products too strongly.

I love when Lush bring out their Limited Edition products because they're always such cute ideas but I also hate it because if you find something you love you have to wait another year! You can get these items up until Easter which is the 20th of April this year (Why does it change every year? Surely Jesus died on one date?..) and while I won't be distraught when I can't get these anymore, they're pretty cute and smell really good!

Have you tried anything from Lush's Easter range this year?


  1. love love love the carrots! smell so good, i've been hanging them over the tap because cba to hold it, my lazy life haha xx

  2. I really want to try the carrots! and A Clockwork Orange is a great book :)

    1. hope you got to try them before they stopped being sold! found it a little tricky because of the words.. eeek