Wednesday, 26 November 2014

CHRISTMAS | Boyfriends and Brothers

Hello! I find brothers, boyfriends and dads notoriously hard to buy for. They always seem to have exactly what they need - a wallet, a watch, aftershave. So I had a discussion with my brother and we came up with a nice little list to help you along your way when Christmas shopping for boys. Second in my Christmas-ideas line up; Boys.

CHRISTMAS | boyfriend 

1. Cufflinks. Boys tend to get to an age where they have to wear a shirt at least once a year. For school, dinners and work a nice pair of cufflinks will always come in handy. Maybe if they love something like football you could find a pair sporting their interest (accidental pun, kind of) which would make it extra personal. 

2. A wallet or bag. Boys tend to stick with one wallet for a long time and be pretty happy with what it does. It holds a couple of cards, some notes and perhaps a coin or two and in their eyes it is doing what it was made to do. The same with bags. You could treat whoever you're buying for to a nice leather wallet or bag which is perhaps leather and a bit more expensive than something they would buy for themselves.

3. I don't really know if boys like Lush but they do have lots of stuff that is aimed at men like shaving foam and cleansers. If it's a boy you live with you can always steal some of the shaving cream for your legs so even if they don't get a lot of use out of it, you will.

4. As much as I hate Xbox's and Playstations, quite a lot of boys use them. My brother is an avid Xbox user and plays online and all that stuff so Christmas is a great time to get the new Fifa or whatever is coming out these days. I really don't know, I'm not down with gaming. My boyfriend is a serious Sims player if he has a spare hour so if you know a Sims player that is still on Sims 3, apparently Sims 4 exists!

5. Similar to what I put in my Girlfriend and Sisters post, you could treat a boy to a day out. A cinema trip, match or a concert is always a good idea and you don't always have to go with them. Get your dad to join your brother or vice versa and give them a ticket each so they get to go together. Perhaps you don't fancy going to a sports match with lots of cheering men (I don't!)

6. Smelly things. I think boys are less fussy with their smells and everything boyish always smells pretty good. I'm a big fan of Hugo Boss smells so I usually get my brother a bottle for Christmas but go into Boots and have a sniff. If you like it, chances are they will too!

7. A watch. If they don't have a watch then they're always something that you can buy for them that they would never think to get for themselves. If you get them something classic and timeless (another pun?!) then they will always be able to wear it, and just replace the battery in the future.

8. A Polaroid. Again. They're just such a nice idea and I would recommend them to people who like taking photos a lot so that they can capture memories!

9. Clothing. Sometimes boys tend to neglect clothing and forget that it is in face, a necessity. My brother never buys himself clothes but always appreciates a nice shirt or beanie so I always think it's a pretty safe option. If they hate it they can return it and you could always go help them pick it out!

10. A hip flask. I think these are always nice ideas as you can get so many designs, add a bit of leather or eve their name or initials. You can really tailor it to them and it's quite a nice thing to have around!

11. Finally, a leather book. If someone you know likes writing things down or they're going off somewhere you could get them a special book so they can record it all. It's just something nice that they can make their own and you could pair it with the Polaroid so they have somewhere to put them all!

I hope this gives you some inspiration for boys. Again, you could buy them a picture frame or make them something that is quite personal. Good luck with the hardest quest of all: presents for boys.

Wishlist: Christmas

Hello! Christmas is close now. I feel very very festive. I get way too excited about Christmas and I definitely get it from my dad. I sometimes find Wishlists for Christmas and birthdays a bit awkward when people ask but there isn't anything I really specifically want this year. I thought I would give you some inspiration for when people ask what you're asking for this Christmas. How many times can I say Christmas?


1. Nike Air Force 1's - White/Low. I have wanted a pair of these for a while. I never wear trainers as casual shoes and sometimes I find myself needing something plain and easy to slip on my feet.

2. A magazine subscription. Specifically to The Creative Review. I wouldn't normally buy this for myself and I can't find any kind of Review's in my town. You can get Reviews of loads of things like English, History... Whatever you like, they most likely have it to just search The ______ Review and see if there is a Review that is perfect for your interests.

3. MAC Lipstick in Syrup. I don't actually own a MAC Lipstick. I never seem to have enough money to comfortably buy one and not regret it but Syrup is a really lovely shade that isn't too bold and is pretty neutral which I know I will get a lot of wear out of!

3. Beyonce Calendar. I actually made a point to my parents one year to stop buying me calendars. I never turn the page and it stays on the same picture for months at a time until a friend comes round and changes it. However, as I get more busy and start working I want to have a calendar that I can write all of my exam dates and festival dates on so I know what I'm doing all the time. Who am I kidding, I just want to see a new picture of Beyonce every month!

4. Zoeva Make Up Brushes. Because I only own Real Techniques brushes. I do love them, but I really want to try out some others and I know that if I like Zoeva brushes I will continue to buy them as they're pretty purse-friendly. I hear nothing but good things about Zoeva brushes so I'm dying to try them out!

5. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. This was an accident. I went into the Kielh's store in Brighton to grab a sample of Midnight Recovery Concentrate as I thought that would make it to my wishlist but the woman ended up giving me about 5 samples to take away. I ended up liking the Midnight Recovery Concentrate but I'm not head over heels for it like I hoped. Instead, I am in love with the Ultra Facial Cream Moisturizer. It works at night and in the day under make up and is so hydrating. I love it!

6. Perfume. Specifically, Escentric Molecules 01 although I would love a new bottle of any of the perfumes on my dressing table! I have actually never smelt it, but I love deep and wintery scents and actually, I never smell perfumes before I buy them (or I asked my dad to buy me one that I love.. it's actually now my favourite.) If I see it in a shop I will give it a smell but I love perfumes in general, I just like smelly things!

That's six things that I'm asking for this Christmas. I don't want anything really badly and I always love the personal touches that people include when they've thought out a gift for you. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas, even though it isn't quite here yet! Happy last minute gift buying! (If you need any help for a gift idea for someone I have lots of idea posts!)

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Day to Night with Cosmopolitan Las Vegas #cosmopolitanchic

Hello! I was emailed by Cosmopolitan Las Vegas and they told me about their Vegas Day to Night outfit posts which lots of bloggers have been participating in recently so I thought I would give it a go. You can check out their website here for yourself to get ideas to create your own! I really enjoyed piecing together Vegas-style outfits on Polyvore which I use a lot anyway to create looks so try it for yourself and tweet it to @VEGAScom!

I chose a bold blazer that would work in a few situations and kept the theme black and gold. 

For day I chose something that would happily take you to a bar and out for lunch. The blazer is very bold and this specific one is rather expensive but you could pick any gold blazer. I think it adds some richness to the outfit which screams Vegas. I didn't want to go heavy with detail on the top so I picked this simple but interesting top so that if you took off the blazer you were still left with some detail on your top half. I went with jeans so that it wasn't too much for the daytime but paired it with black and gold heel-boots to dress it up - don't do it by halves in Vegas! I accessorized this with a gold watch, bangle and dainty ring but avoided a necklace as there's a lot on the top half with the blazer and the pattern on the top. Bag wise I chose a simple clutch so that you aren't carrying too much about. You can add the strap onto the bag so that you can keep your hands free but in big cities and crowded places I would always ensure that it closes properly. For nails I would go for black nails with a gold accent nail which has a gold sophistication to it but isn't too much for the day or too little for the evening - perfect transition. If you're chilling by the pool you can ditch the blazer for a light outfit and when you're heading out while it's still light just slip it back on again!

So you've popped back to the hotel after a bit of time by the pool, a shopping trip, lunch and a drink in a bar in order to get ready for some dinner, another trip to another bar and a nightclub or two. When you have this beautiful statement blazer that can be really dressed up you don't need to ditch it for the evening. For going out I ditched the jeans and pretty top for some leather trousers and a simple black shirt to enhance your blazer. I paired these with even more gold studded heels to add some detail to your bottom half. I kept my nails the same and accessorized heavily with gold. I kept the watch the same and added lots of simple gold rings as well as a detailed cage ring and a lion ring. I kept a clutch as you can keep it close to you when you're out so you won't lose it or have it taken. Just pop in your room key, phone and your lipstick incase you need a top up and head out the door. 

There we have my day to night outfit which features this beautiful gold blazer that you can dress up or down. Let me know what you think or what you would wear and check out the #cosmpolitanchic tag on Twitter to see other people's ideas and create your own!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

CHRISTMAS | Girlfriends and Sisters

Hello! Welcome to the beginning of my Christmas posts. I like to get pretty organized and plan what I am going to get everyone for Christmas so I hope this isn't too early for anyone (the John Lewis was released on the 6th so this can't possibly be too early!)! I thought I would give some tips to anyone struggling to think of a great gift for different people in their lives. First of all, girlfriends and sisters!

CHRISTMAS | girlfriend 
 1. A special purse or bag. Purses are something I never seem to be able find for myself. All of the ones I want are out of my price range and to be honest, they never seem to fit all my needs perfectly. A special purse might be something that the person you're buying for would never buy for themselves and they last for such a long time on top of being pretty timeless!

2. Books. There is always a book to fit someone's hobbies and interests. Make up, shoes, fashion or even just a classical read. Perhaps get them the hardback or a special edition in order to make it super special, complete with festive message inside.

3. A nice piece of jewellery. If someone wears jewellery all the time then get them something that will fit in with what they wear.   For example if they only wear silver or gold get them a piece in that colour or if they wear dainty pieces then get them something equally dainty or contrast it with something a bit more chunky and maybe something they would wear for special occasions. Pandora is a popular choice and if they already have a bracelet you can add a charm or you can go outside of Pandora, of course. Whatever you get them, it needs to be wearable for them, just keep that in mind.

4. A fashion accessory. A beanie or a scarf are perfect for many times of the wear. I know lots of people wear beanies really often and scarfs aren't just something you can wear in winter to make an outfit look a bit more dressy. Grab something that suits their style and that you think they would be able to pair with lots of things.

5. A Polaroid camera. And somewhere to put the photos. These are brilliant presents for anyone as it's so exciting to take pictures with others and wait for the result. So old school (my mum does not understand why teenagers have these!)

6. A candle. Candles can get pretty expensive sometimes and I wouldn't spend too much on a candle for myself. If someone you're buying for is a big candle lover or just likes smelly things then buying them something like a Diptique candle would be a fantastic gift for them and not something they would splash out on for themselves.

7. Perfumes are always a great gift as if they have a signature scent it's always something they will use after they've run out of their current bottle. Of course, if you guess a scent it's a bit of a risk but maybe have a sneak about their room/dressing table to see what they use a lot!

8. A day out. No, not literally buy them a pair of ice skates, but perhaps take them ice skating and make a day of it. I know that in London you can get tickets at the Natural History Museum, Winter Wonderland and Somerset House (I've been to Somerset House a couple of times and love skating there!) Even if you or them aren't very good it's entertaining to watch one another fall over. You could similarly get them tickets for a show or a concert. Whatever suits them/you. 

9. Some fancy bath time things. The Laura Mercier Creme Brule Honey Bath is quite a popular bath time thing in the blogging world, although I've never tried it myself. Something that they might not fork out the money for very often is always a special gift, and sometimes bath things just do not come cheap.

10. A chair. I know, weird. But the idea came from my friends boyfriend getting her an armchair last year and she loved it so much. I have no idea how he thought of it but I thought it was quite a nice idea. If they have a big room or nowhere in the house to sit and curl up with a magazine/book then this is a quirky idea!

There we are, 10 ideas for your girlfriend, sister or even just a friend. You could also make them something super cute and personal if you don't feel that any of these will do the trick. A photo frame or a little scrap book always has a super personal touch!!

I hope you're all excited for Christmas and that this has given you a little bit of inspiration!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Christmas Lips: Rimmel & Kate Moss

Hello! Last year I had my eye on Rimmel and Kate Moss's collaboration but I never had an excuse to buy it for myself but after my first pay day I decided to treat myself to a little number from Kate's matte collection: the blogger-famous shade 107.

The hype is officially understood. This shade is amazing - a dark pinky-purple-reddy shade that is ideal for all the Christmas parties you may have coming up. The application is smooth and the matte appearance that is promised comes almost immediately although it's not drying or powdery. If you're wanting to know about lasting power it can exceed 3 hours with light eating and drinking but you will definitely need to top up after a dinner so if you're heading out pop it in your bag. If you're just popping out for a few hours you probably won't need to top up. If this isn't in your make up bag I suggest you pop to Boots at the next opportunity and pick it up just in time for Christmas!]

Have you tried any other colours from this range?

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Tricky Business: Benefit's They're Real! Push Up Liner

Hello! Last month Elle sent out their magazine with the cutest sample ever. A teeny tiny version of their They're Real! Push Up Liner which I have really wanted to try but I couldn't bring myself to try until I knew it was well worth the money. All I discovered is that it is very very tricky business.

By 'tricky business' I mean I couldn't function this. It took me about 10 minutes to have the initiative to read the box after trying to get the product to even appear. Then I thought 'yes! I know I can do this!' I had faith in the eyeliner. But once I placed this on my lash line I knew this was going to flop. The gel product is not as smooth and creamy as I would have liked and it kind of crumbles more than it goes onto your eye, resulting in a waste of product and a high risk of mess. The lines I created weren't awful and I'm sure with practice I could perfect it and I really liked that I could get super close to the lash line and keep it thin. However, it just wasn't working for me and I don't have the patients. I used all of the sample simply trying to create a precise line and while it isn't the products fault that I wasn't very skilled in using it, it's meant to make it easier but just creates a bit of mess and takes a while.

With the thin and alright-looking line that I managed to create I ventured on with my day and found that when I came to take it off it was virtually impossible - similar to the mascara. This is probably why they have created their own remover but for everyday I can't be bothered to spend 10 minutes just getting off my eyeliner.

I am glad I didn't dive straight in and buy the full size of this as I don't think we are destined for one another. Perhaps if you're a huge eyeliner fan and like something that really isn't going anywhere then you'll love this and with a bit of practice I image this would be super easy and it definitely does give you great precision. It's just not for me, sorry!

Let me know how you got on with this product!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Nude Lip

Hello! I am not one to wear something on my lips every day except a little bit of Nuxe Reve de Miel or Carmex but I discovered something recently that I've put alongside an old product and I think I found a day-to-day winner.

This lip liner is my new favourite product. Rimmel's lip liners are incredibly well priced and this is my favourite colour in Eastend Snob. Not my favourite name, but I really am in love with the colour. It's the perfect my-lips-but-pinker-and-better shade and I just think slapping this all over my lips is the perfect quick and easy way to get some colour on my lips without going over the top or having to worry about reapplying. This colour was named a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury's lip liner in Pillow Talk by Amelia Liana.. Thank you Amelia, Thank you very very much.

It fades really evenly on the lips after about 3-5 and obviously a lot quicker when you're eating or drinking but I don't mind this with a nude, even if it is on the pink side, as it is barely noticeable and super easy to apply. It isn't drying on the lips but still gives a lasting matte look straightaway, part of the reason that it lasts a fairly long time. You can draw just round your lip line and use a lipstick on the rest of your lips or it looks amazing alone for a bit more of a pink tone to the lips (or both and do a Kylie Jenner-style lip!)

I found that my Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Notthinghill Nude (and the old packaging) works really nicely over the top as normally this lipstick is almost unnoticeable on the lips due to it's complete match to my original lip colour. Over the lip liner it adds a slightly pinker tone and a glossier finish than the lip liner alone.

I do really think that I love the lip liner alone the most, but it does mean that I can now make a customized nude with the two products combined. At £3.99, the lip liners are amazing products from Boots or Superdrug and the Moisture Renew lip sticks are beautifully glossy and undrying when they are being worn and also fairly inexpensive. I'm going to be repurchasing these lip liners for a very long time to come!

Do you have a favourite 'drugstore' lip liner I should try?