Saturday, 8 March 2014

Bastille at Alexandra Palace

Hello! I'm currently sat on my bed half-dressed as I am really unsure about what to wear in this weather... It's warm... Apparently it's actually even warmer here in London than it is in Ibiza this weekend, so I think we've really come out on top. The weather has been so lovely all week which has made my mock exams more bearable and I also had a little night out to London this week to see Bastille at Alexandra Palace, my favourite venue perhaps ever.

I bought two tickets for my brother for his 14th birthday (expecting him to take me, which he did) and he was defiantly very excited as he had never been to see live music before. I was especially excited that it was at Alexandra Palace as I've been for the past 3 years around March where I've seen Bombay Bicycle Club with Lianne La Havas and Rae Morris, who features on their new track Luna and last year I saw Two Door Cinema Club with CHVCHES and Everything Everything. Each time I've been I have been blown away with the venue's atmosphere and the bands I've seen so I was expecting big things. It was Bastille's biggest venue they've played where they've headlined the show and while the crowd was not as lively as my previous visits they didn't disappoint.

Supporting them was Rag N Bone Man and Angel Haze, but unfortunately we missed Rag N Bone Man's set. I thought Angel Haze was good, expecially when she played Drunk In Love because at the moment I am obsessed with that album but I wouldn't choose to listen to her at home in my room. A little too loud and shouty and rappy and sweary for me. I was really happy to see that Bastille included Angel Haze in their cover of Weapon which boosted the tempo after their 'most depressing song' Oblivion. We also got to see Rag N Bone Man when he joined them for Rhythm of the Night were Dan involved the audience in a bit of moving about.

Apologies for the quality and lack of photos
I saw Bastille at Reading last summer where the crowd was so lively and I was so hot I thought I could faint if it were not for the amount I was enjoying myself. The crowd kind of let down the band but that could be down to Thursday night tiredness but I thought the band played and performed really well inspite of the fact they were visibly overwhelmed at the size of the venue. I was impressed with their stuff they played that they are bringing out soon although I tend to find that part of live music a little awkward, whoever is playing. Their triangular screen behind their set added to their stage presence and interaction with the audience as it featured the band, violinists and the audience in an 'old recording' format which made a change from just showing their face or the music video the whole way through.

My highlight's would probably disappoint avid Bastille fans but I must admit I haven't listened to all their stuff in such a long time so I'm keener on their better known stuff. The girl stood behind me made up for this as she knew every word and sang the whole way through, so thanks to her for that! I thought Bad Blood was an excellent song to open with and one that I predicted. Weight of Living, Laura Palmer, Overjoyed, Laughter Lines, Weapon, Things We Lost in the Fire, Flaws and Of the Night were the ones I enjoyed and could sing along to. Finishing off with Pompeii straight after Of the Night was also a good move by them as it rounded everything off so well. My brother was also pretty good company and he was beyond pleased with the evening with his favourite part being Things We Lost in the Fire which is his most played song ever. It's all I hear from his bedroom!

Have you seen Bastille on their current tour? Or did you see them last year at a festival? Are you hoping to see them soon?


  1. ah bastille are wicked live! so jealous! xx

  2. Oh wow I bet it was AMAZING to see them live at Alexandra Palace - they're sooooo good live xx

    Gemma //

    1. it was and it is my favourite venue! they're brilliant! x

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  4. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! x