Monday, 16 March 2015

French Pharmacie Picks

Hello! In a few weeks I'm off to France and I always like to pick up some things from the pharmacie that we might be able to get here but is a little cheaper. Here are my picks for the pharmacie!

French Pharmacie Picks

Back in December  I visited the La Roche Posay Launch for Serozinc and while it's not on the top of my list to pick up, I really loved the Toleriane range. The Toleriane Ultra Moisturizer I loved and will definitely be picking up, but I've been looking at the other things in the collection and the Dermo-Cleanser caught my eye. It's a make up remover and my micellar water is running low so I thought this would be something good to try if I spot it. 

Something else is just a small bottle of Bioderma, something that I actually haven't tried because I like the Garnier one a lot which is a lot cheaper and easier to get hold of. Again, something I'll pick up if I spot it as obviously it's a hugely popular product that everyone loves and I'd love to see how it compares!

Nuxe is actually available in some M&S stores which I love and last time I went in my mum and I were spritzing this Dry Oil that has a slightly golden shimmer to it. This would be so lovely for occasions in the summer and even in the spring to give yourself a golden look without having to fake tan. It would also look great after you've been on holiday or if you catch the sun at home to compliment your tan!

Eucerin is a brand that I've never tried, but after reading about it it is really all about repairing dry skin and adding hydration back into skin that feels tight or uncomfortable. For my face, I find that Toleriane Ultra really gets the job done and soothes my face but I find my scalp really problematic. This promises to soothe a dry scalp and I would love it if this sorted it out!

Finally, a face mask. Yes, Toleriane Ultra soothes my dry skin but I do find I need a boost sometimes. I've never tried a hydrating mask but I think my skin would really benefit from having this boost once in a while. Something else I have my eye on for soothing skin everywhere is Boiron Homeoplasmine Cream. This is a real cult product with make up artists and models as it hydrates the skin and dries to a matte finish. The balm soothes itchy and sore areas, cuts and repairs cracked skin. This is apparently a miracle for the lips, hands, feet and elbows - perhaps great for an avid self tanner or just for someone who needs that hydration quickly and effectively. This is top of my list to pick up!

Friday, 13 March 2015

Spring Glow

Hello! I've noticed the popularity of Topshop products, and this one in particular, increase over the past couple of years. I go through phases - sometimes I love it and can't be without it but sometimes I'll give it a miss. This Glow in Polished is great for the tops of the cheek bones or down the nose and it gives that super natural sheen.

I apply this product with my fingers and pat it into my skin before foundation. If I need a little more then I'll put it over the top of my foundation, but I find applying this over the top can sometimes make it sit on top of my foundation. This way I find it blends naturally and you can build it up. I tend to buff it in with my foundation with a Real Techniques buffing brush. I find this is the most natural way to highlight and if I want it more intense it's very easy to build up. This could be set after foundation with something really subtle like MAC Soft & Gentle to give a little more sheen. This also goes great on the cupids bow, down the nose and on the forehead and I do this all under my foundation and then again if I want to build it up more. I think if you're one who likes something really subtle and super easy then this is great because it's like a cream eye shadow for your face - super easy to blend, best applied with fingers and a great base for everything else!

Have you used this? Or do you have another cream highlighter that you love?

Sunday, 8 March 2015

eBay Brushes: Worth the Save?

Hello! I always think that if you're spending more money, the general idea is that you're gaining more for it. Sometimes this isn't true, but sometimes I find that spending a little more money gets you exactly what you asked for, even if it did only cost you £1.49. Yes, these brushes cost me £1.49. I just searched brushes on eBay and found these ones and thought that it's so cheap I can't really complain if they aren't up to the same standard as some of my other, more expensive brushes. Of course, I can't complain, but I can let you know my thoughts.

The biggest thing about these brushes is.. literally how big they are. For eye brushes, I'd say they're bigger than I'm used to and would be much better for blending in concealer. There are two that I do like, but the others are just a little too big and quite frankly all very similar. The brushes haven't shed at all (yet) when I've used them, which is obviously a good thing. They're good for the price, but I don't image that they will last too long and the feel of the brushes themselves feels a little brittle and cheap. For now they will do the job and it was not a waste of money as they're good enough at what they do but I wouldn't continue buying them as I feel that these are just a good step in for better brushes for now. On the whole, I'd normally not buy cheaper brushes as brands like RT and Bobbi Brown are always quality that lasts for a really long time. 

This brush is super dense and tapered. Because of this, I assume that it is for the crease, but I really like this to apply highlight under my brow bone as it's precise. This is a little stiff, probably due to the density but it kind of feels hard. It does the job I want it to do though and if I could only keep one I'd keep this one.

This is my second favourite brush of them all and smaller than the other fluffier ones. It's great for blending out the edges of cream shadow and just giving your shadow that finished look. I think my Real Techniques Duo Fibre Brush does a better job, but I always like to have two blending brushes when I'm doing my make up.

Worth the save - perhaps. But continuing to buy these brushes again and again adds up. Personally, I'd prefer to splash out a little more on Real Techniques that last longer and I don't have to replace or Zoeva or Sigma, which are also low prices for good quality. I'll check back in when I've used these brushes to the very end of their life, but I won't be purchasing anymore.

Have you ever bought brushes from eBay? What did you think?

Thursday, 5 March 2015


Hello! My mystery/thriller book is Into The Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes, the third book I've read by her despite it being her debut novel and soon to be a film. The author herself was an analyst who had always had a love of writing and after entering National Novel Writing Month and after that she just continued to think out plots and get them down on paper (or a screen).

Into The Darkest Corner jumps between the past and the present. In the past, Catherine has fallen for a guy that she thinks is perfect and her friends more than agree. However, Lee starts to get possessive, controlling and in the end, violent. It tells the story of how they met, how their relationship developed and eventually how he was, for the time being, out of her life. The present shows Catherine in her new life where she is controlled by OCD and PTSD. She moves on in her love life and works to overcome her anxieties. The past and the present merge through her friends and her past invading into her new future.

I won't lie, this book gave me nightmares. It's the kind of thing that hits you quite hard when you realize that it's a reality for some people and putting yourself in that situation is impossible. However, I thought the book was so accurate in so many ways, and honestly rather clever. I think Elizabeth Hayne's books are probably all my favourite thrillers (I've also read Under The Silent Moon and Revenge of the Tide) and I am always flicking through the pages as fast as I can to find out what is coming next. As with any good thriller, it's always completely unpredictable.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

5 Things: I Love

Hello! Recently there have been 5 things that I cannot leave the house without. 6 if you count a brush, but here I'm all about the product. I am guilty of obsessively outfit-repeating, a bronzey glow, hydrated skin and smelling of peony and musk. Oops.

I found these Mom Jeans on the Topshop website on Christmas Eve and they kept going out of stock when I purchased them. I wear these all the time and I find that the less stretchy jean material is looking like it's going to last a lot longer than a pair of Jamie jeans. I'm not a big fan of Jamie's as I find that the elasticity goes after a while from the wash. These fit me so well, something I was worried about with Mom jeans since I'm quite slim but these don't hang off me and leave me shapeless as I expected.

My Nike Air Force 1's are my favourite shoes to throw on with these jeans, although boots look good too. As I've said before these go with so many things, but since I basically live in these jeans I haven't had much chance to wear much else. They're so comfy and I quite like them now they aren't completely white and a little bit worn. 

On my face I've been keeping it super simple. I have been applying my Toleraine Ultra moisturizer by La Roche Posay - a brand that I am a huge fan of and a moisturizer that I love. It's super hydrating and especially when it's windy it's a great way to protect my skin. I am pretty sure that this doesn't have an SPF but I have been putting a little of another one with SPF in most days. 

Over the top I've been using Soap & Glory's Solar Powder that fast became my favourite bronzer after I bought it a month or two ago. I tend to use the dark side and just buff it over my face with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush as I find the lighter side has a slight shimmer to it, although I do use this more on the apples of my cheeks sometimes for a really glowy and healthy look. Something to just life my face rather than looking pale and.. well, English.

Finally, the sweet smell of peonies and musk. I'm sure many of you have heard about the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Perfumes and the white one is my favourite. It smells a little like Jo Malone's Peony & Suede Blush scent, so a little muskier and grown up than other floral scents. I find this makes me feel really sophisticated and grown up. It lasts all day on my skin and is great for evenings out as it's a little bit of a darker and sexier scent.

What are 5 things that you're finding really essential at the moment? Especially as spring is just around the corner...