Thursday, 5 March 2015


Hello! My mystery/thriller book is Into The Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes, the third book I've read by her despite it being her debut novel and soon to be a film. The author herself was an analyst who had always had a love of writing and after entering National Novel Writing Month and after that she just continued to think out plots and get them down on paper (or a screen).

Into The Darkest Corner jumps between the past and the present. In the past, Catherine has fallen for a guy that she thinks is perfect and her friends more than agree. However, Lee starts to get possessive, controlling and in the end, violent. It tells the story of how they met, how their relationship developed and eventually how he was, for the time being, out of her life. The present shows Catherine in her new life where she is controlled by OCD and PTSD. She moves on in her love life and works to overcome her anxieties. The past and the present merge through her friends and her past invading into her new future.

I won't lie, this book gave me nightmares. It's the kind of thing that hits you quite hard when you realize that it's a reality for some people and putting yourself in that situation is impossible. However, I thought the book was so accurate in so many ways, and honestly rather clever. I think Elizabeth Hayne's books are probably all my favourite thrillers (I've also read Under The Silent Moon and Revenge of the Tide) and I am always flicking through the pages as fast as I can to find out what is coming next. As with any good thriller, it's always completely unpredictable.

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  1. Ohh I am always looking for a good thriller, it's nice to get lost into something a bit dark and gripping! x

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