Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Did Someone Say Anti-Imperfections?

Hello! If you've tried this product you will either agree or disagree with me. I had seen so many mixed reviews before buying this and after having it for a couple of months I feel I'm able to tell you how I feel about it. Ladies and gentlemen, La Roche Posay's Effaclar Duo +, something I know is in many peoples skincare routines and others just don't have the time.

This product is essentially an anti-imperfections cream that they suggest you apply all over your face, especially if you can feel a blemish coming up or you want to get rid of the scars or marks left behind by previous ones. I have quite a few marks that have been left behind and pretty blemish prone skin so I had high hopes...

After loving a tester I received on purchase of their cleansing gel, I was hoping this would come into it's own and would be something I simply can't live without but unfortunately I'm one of those people that just doesn't have the time. I think a product that claims to do this is firstly a very big statement that promises to do a lot. Perhaps it's because I'm prone to blemishes with my teenage skin, but I didn't find this helped and sometimes I'd even wake up with new blemishes that weren't there the night before. It didn't reduce any blemishes I applied it to or stop them from coming up and it hasn't reduced any marks that are left behind when they finally do go. If you really want to get rid of those marks, mix in a little Bio Oil with your serum or moisturizer as it works wonders.

I also find this way too drying to use all over my face. I've seen posts about people using this without moisturizer which I find really hard to believe and I can't believe it doesn't dry out their skin. For me, it was essential that I remembered that this isn't a moisturizer. As I found it was drying my skin up I started applying it to just blemishes by dotting it on and patting it in with my finger. Still, not the result I wanted or that was promised. Despite this being disappointing, I wouldn't write the brand off - their cleansing gel is really impressive and can remove all dirt from the face, leaving you feeling squeaky clean! I know they used to do a version of this without the + on the end, and maybe the old one had more per-zazzz and impressive results but this just isn't for me and I've removed it from my skincare routine. Perhaps not for the teenage-spot prone skin and just for those occasional blemishes after your hormones pipe down?

Have you tried this or anything else from La Roche Posay?


  1. i was so close to buying this the other day! might have to try out some of yours before i buy it!

    love Katy @ THE RAWRDROBE

  2. Aww what a shame! I'd be tempted to try but if it dried out of your skin it's not so tempting!
    Love the post. I'm now following you!
    I'd love it if you had a look and followed my blog!

    1. thanks! yeah i just don't see the hype from other people!

  3. I personally love this so its a shame you didn't like it but I understand its not for everyones skin:) x

    1. does it clear up all your marks and blemishes?? i really haven't found that!