Saturday, 29 March 2014

Dan Croll @ Scala

Hello! Call me a gig-goer, but I've been at it again this week. This time I was near Kings Cross Station in Scala, a teeny tiny venue holding about 900 people watching Dan Croll. Dan Croll has been played a lot on the radio recently after the release of From Nowhere but I was introduced to him about 6 months ago and a friend and I were unable to pass up the opportunity to see him.

I thought that Dan's first support act Jack Garratt was amazing. His voice and the way his music was put together was creative and something I hadn't seen someone do live and so simply perhaps ever. He also made me actually laugh with some of his comments between songs and his friends were clearly very supportive of his music. We the Wild was the second support act and while I thought they were good, they didn't interact with the audience at all apart from introducing themselves and saying goodbye which I thought was disappointing, especially as the size of the audience allowed both other acts to interact so closely. They reminded me a lot of You Me At Six vocals and sounded really good, I just wish they spoke a little more to us all! Despite this, I thought that both acts complimented what was to come (*tries to think of Compliment Your Soul joke*) and I am really excited to see what happens in Jack Garratt's future. 

The size of the venue did not dampen my experience, I actually loved how intimate the event was, especially as the crowd was able to sing along to Dan's songs and you could still hear him which is something that often irritates me in large venues. We were pretty close to the stage in only the second row so I did not have to stand on tip toes (bonus!!) which was a nice change. Something I particularly enjoyed about the closeness of it all was that everyone was singing along to Home and Compliment Your Soul and he looked incredibly pleased that there was a room of people singing his words back to him all at once.

'My first ticket touts... Does that mean... Does that mean I've made it?'

When Dan spoke to the crowd he made me smile because he seemed so happy that he was able to perform to people on his own tour. He performed a majority of songs from his new album, Sweet Disarray as well as some of the first songs he released which are the ones I knew the best. I was so impressed with his new album and I could easily see him every night. It was one of those concerts where at the end, I really didn't want to leave and I could have stood there for a couple more hours with him singing. I think I speak for both myself and Tom when I say it was an amazing evening in a lovely venue that I will definitely keep an eye out for in the future!

Have you seen Dan on his most recent tour? Or been to Scala before?

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Lush Carrots

Hello! Has anyone else got this cough and cold? I'm really not loving it.. I needed a new face mask at the weekend so I went straight to Lush. On my visit I saw their new Easter products and these carrots really caught my eye...

I've also just started reading The Clockwork Orange which I've been meaning to read for ages! I read so much last year but barely have this year so if you have any suggestions let me know!

'Swish a carrot around your bath to enjoy soft clouds of bubbles and tropically scented water. Although these reusable bubble bars may do a convincing carrot impression, their fragrance definitely gives them away: buchu, lemon and bergamot oils create a tropical, fruity and refreshing bath.' -

These carrots really don't smell of carrots, but even through my cold I can small they have a fruityness to them that fills the bathroom. Lush's Bubble Bars are my favourite as I have never quite got the knack of creating thousands of bubbles with bubble bath and these are fool proof - just hold them under the tap as your bath runs. With these, you can hold them by the cute string tops although I found this came loose after 3 uses. I also love that you can use these over and over until they finally disappear, which for me was 5-6 baths, depending on the carrot size. As you get 3 carrots per purchase, that's about 18 baths on a good run, so I think they're really good value for money and you get soooo many yummy baths for it.

Although the whole orange bath thing is kind of cool, I only hold my carrot under the tap for about 45 seconds which creates plenty of bubbles in my opinion but doesn't give a strong colour (not the most appealing). It left my skin feeling really smooth and lingered on my skin for an hour or so after I got out which I liked as it doesn't clash with other products too strongly.

I love when Lush bring out their Limited Edition products because they're always such cute ideas but I also hate it because if you find something you love you have to wait another year! You can get these items up until Easter which is the 20th of April this year (Why does it change every year? Surely Jesus died on one date?..) and while I won't be distraught when I can't get these anymore, they're pretty cute and smell really good!

Have you tried anything from Lush's Easter range this year?

Friday, 21 March 2014

No Make Up Selfies

Hello! Before I continue this post, I just have to say that the image attached is not for the very squeamish so scroll with care if it bothers you! I have seen the #nomakeupselfies circulating on Facebook this week and I didn't really think that it was something that would mean Cancer Research UK would raise so much money. However, they have made an incredible amount from so many people doing this and nominating their friends. Still, I wasn't exactly wow-ed by the whole concept.

As a child, I suffered with Retinoblastoma which is a rare type of eye cancer that is mostly found in children under the age of 5. When I was 3 months old, I had my eye removed and now wear a prosthetic which is made of acrylic and all sorts of things.

Earlier on today, I saw another girl I had met though the charity who had Rb had posted a #nomakeupselfie of her with not only no make up on, but without her eye in either. This was something that really made me think about how much it has affected me and other people and made me really want to post this myself, so I did! I have had a lovely response from friends and family, with my cousin saying the photo could go viral and I think my dad may have even teared up a bit when he came in after seeing it. (Don't worry dad, I haven't posted that on the internet or anything!)

#nomakeupselfie's are all well and good, but if people don't donate and just respond to them then really it's a waste of time. I think we have come so far with everything in terms of cancer treatments and there is so much more to discover, as well as so much more support that can be given to family, friends and patients. So with that in mind, while I am not asking you to donate to Cancer Research UK (I am not stopping you either! I think it's brilliant that there have been so many donations from this!) I am asking you to donate to the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust, which is so close to my heart and gives so much support to the families of such young children! Text EYES25 to 70070 to donate as much as you want to give! 

Thank you so much!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Hello! The other day, my friend and I were talking about how everybody needs a little black bag. Something to just pop your phone, purse, keys and headphones in with a little pack of gum and a lipstick just for when you don't need to carry everything around with you. I use one of these for school and carry around my folders by hand as I find it easier to organize my stuff in a smaller bag. If I had a big bag for school, I would loose half of my life at the bottom of it until I finally decided that I need to find something a year or so later. So, I've hand picked some Little Black Bags that fit the description!

cedar street magnolia / kate spade - mini office city bag / zara - classic mini leather satchel / cambridge satchel company - mini bag w/ metal clasp / pull & bear - maria bag by marc b / topshop - black suede double pocket crossbody - river island - hamilton messanger / michael kors

My own LBB is from Pull & Bear, featured above which is big enough to put in my phone, headphones, gum, cardholder and my keys, as well as other smaller things that I have managed to clutter it with. I think black bags go with everything, so sometimes it's worth splashing out as they're so versatile and handy. Everyone needs a LBB, so if you take anything away from this post I hope it sends you in the direction of 'Add to Basket' followed by 'Checkout' and 'Pay'.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

OOTD: Lunch With Gemma Sheppard

Hello! Back in September, I won a competition, along with 4 others to have lunch with Gemma Sheppard, a celebrity stylist who works with Vision Express and a charity I am very close with called CHECT. I will explain details in another post once I have gathered photos from the day but I wanted to show you what I wore! My very first outfit post...

Top - Topshop
Treggings - Marks & Spencer
Coat - Zara
Shoes - Next (similar)
Sunglasses - Topshop
Bag - Pull & Bear

Thank you so much to Gemma, CHECT and Vision Express for our lunch! We had a lovely chat based on confidence and how it can be improved, fashion, beauty and I feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to meet her! I will be posting more about this next week, so keep an eye out for more to come! 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wednesday Wishlist

Hello! With the weather improving, I'm in summer mode. I have been dying to wear brighter, lighter and shorter things but I don't feel we are quite there yet and I doubt that this time around, the sun is here to stay. The whole point of this weather ramble is to swiftly move onto the fact I'm having a non-make up make up stage, or just a non-make up stage altogether as I feel my skin is improving with the appearance of sunshine. I am well and truly blaming the winter for my dull complexion. Therefore, I have nothing make up related on my wish list as there isn't something that I am dying to try, although I wish I had this after Boots ended their 3 for 2 offer. The heart doesn't want what the heart doesn't want... So my wishlist is largely clothing items and I managed to only feature one pair of the chunky shoes I'm lusting over...

jeans - topshop / hydraluron - boots / beyonce flawless sweat - ebay / nuxe reve de miel - fragrance direct / pink knitted crop - topshop / dioon leather heeled shoes - vagabond @ asos

I really want a pair of these Boyfriend Jeans as I think they're a bit different from skinny jeans which are such a pain for me to find with my figure as they're either too loose around the waist or my ankles or my thighs... I did try a pair of these on the other day and they were a little loose around my waist so I may have to skip the offering from Topshop and look elsewhere... As for Hydraluron, my skin just needs an oomf after this winter hasn't left it exactly glowing and hydrated. I feel as though I have 3 specific dry patches that I just need to sort once and for all and boost my hydration levels. With my lips, it's a similar story as I feel my lips just won't heal and with this once again dominating every favourites post and video, I feel I need to get over it's price tag as you wouldn't normally find me paying this much for a lip balm and get the Nuxe Reve de Miel. It has to be done. I really... *sigh* Beyonce. I love her and can't get enough - hence this sweatshirt, enough said.  I saw Rhiannon from FashionRocksMySocks sporting this in one of her most recent vlogs and I think it looked lovely and loved the style. However, I'm not exactly sure I would pay that much for the price tag and have spotted something similar on ASOS. It's all about finding the best price, ladies! Finally, while flicking through this months Company I noticed these shoes from Vagabond being advertised and kept flicking back to look at them. I don't mind paying that little bit extra for beautiful, comfy shoes that are made of real leather, therefore lasting longer.

Is there anything on your wishlist at the moment?

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Bastille at Alexandra Palace

Hello! I'm currently sat on my bed half-dressed as I am really unsure about what to wear in this weather... It's warm... Apparently it's actually even warmer here in London than it is in Ibiza this weekend, so I think we've really come out on top. The weather has been so lovely all week which has made my mock exams more bearable and I also had a little night out to London this week to see Bastille at Alexandra Palace, my favourite venue perhaps ever.

I bought two tickets for my brother for his 14th birthday (expecting him to take me, which he did) and he was defiantly very excited as he had never been to see live music before. I was especially excited that it was at Alexandra Palace as I've been for the past 3 years around March where I've seen Bombay Bicycle Club with Lianne La Havas and Rae Morris, who features on their new track Luna and last year I saw Two Door Cinema Club with CHVCHES and Everything Everything. Each time I've been I have been blown away with the venue's atmosphere and the bands I've seen so I was expecting big things. It was Bastille's biggest venue they've played where they've headlined the show and while the crowd was not as lively as my previous visits they didn't disappoint.

Supporting them was Rag N Bone Man and Angel Haze, but unfortunately we missed Rag N Bone Man's set. I thought Angel Haze was good, expecially when she played Drunk In Love because at the moment I am obsessed with that album but I wouldn't choose to listen to her at home in my room. A little too loud and shouty and rappy and sweary for me. I was really happy to see that Bastille included Angel Haze in their cover of Weapon which boosted the tempo after their 'most depressing song' Oblivion. We also got to see Rag N Bone Man when he joined them for Rhythm of the Night were Dan involved the audience in a bit of moving about.

Apologies for the quality and lack of photos
I saw Bastille at Reading last summer where the crowd was so lively and I was so hot I thought I could faint if it were not for the amount I was enjoying myself. The crowd kind of let down the band but that could be down to Thursday night tiredness but I thought the band played and performed really well inspite of the fact they were visibly overwhelmed at the size of the venue. I was impressed with their stuff they played that they are bringing out soon although I tend to find that part of live music a little awkward, whoever is playing. Their triangular screen behind their set added to their stage presence and interaction with the audience as it featured the band, violinists and the audience in an 'old recording' format which made a change from just showing their face or the music video the whole way through.

My highlight's would probably disappoint avid Bastille fans but I must admit I haven't listened to all their stuff in such a long time so I'm keener on their better known stuff. The girl stood behind me made up for this as she knew every word and sang the whole way through, so thanks to her for that! I thought Bad Blood was an excellent song to open with and one that I predicted. Weight of Living, Laura Palmer, Overjoyed, Laughter Lines, Weapon, Things We Lost in the Fire, Flaws and Of the Night were the ones I enjoyed and could sing along to. Finishing off with Pompeii straight after Of the Night was also a good move by them as it rounded everything off so well. My brother was also pretty good company and he was beyond pleased with the evening with his favourite part being Things We Lost in the Fire which is his most played song ever. It's all I hear from his bedroom!

Have you seen Bastille on their current tour? Or did you see them last year at a festival? Are you hoping to see them soon?

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Tanya Burr Lips and Nails | Chic & Bright and Early

Hello! Like everyone else, I'm over the moon that Tanya Burr has had the opportunity to create her own range of products and it shows with dedication and perseverance, you are able to make the most of blogging. I ordered her products the day they were released but didn't actually get them until at least 10 days after purchase and I have been putting them to the test over the past month so that I can give you the complete lowdown.

The Lipgloss:

The colour I chose is a slightly dusty pale rosy colour with a hint of brown, making it the perfect colour to add shine to the lips on the go without a colour overload. No mirrors needed here. I find the formula incredibly moisturizing and I feel like I'm wearing a balm rather than a lipgloss as it's not sticky at all, which I'm really impressed with. Also, the smell is so so lovely, reminding me of strawberry and cream lollies, although not overpowering so that you can feel a little ill. Considering I'm not a lipgloss girl, I'd say I've fallen pretty hard for these lipglosses and I have my eyes on Picnic in the Park and Afternoon Tea for a bit more colour! If all lipglosses were like this, I'd definitely be a lipgloss hoarder, something I'm quite the opposite of at the moment.

The Nail Varnish:

Despite having at least 7 shades of pink in my nail polish collection, I opted for Bright and Early, although I wish I had gone for the blue colour, 'Little Duck.' I was a little disappointed that it took 3 coats in order for it to be completely opaque, but it was smooth and not streaky to apply. Once dry, it was beautifully shiny and a gorgeous bright pink, similar to Barry M's Gelly Hi Shine in Grapefruit which I was obsessed with last summer. Not neon, but almost. I wore this for 3 days before there was noticeable chipping and had to take it off which I think is fairly standard for a drugstore product. Beautiful application, but not blown away!

I would definitely repurchase Tanya's lipglosses but found that the nail polishes were a bit average when it came to the wear time, so I wouldn't repurchase them as fast. I'm really impressed with the products though as I was sort of expecting them to both be less impressive than they were but you can tell that Tanya has been picky with formulas to get them to the right consistency and has excelled my expectations, especially with her lipglosses!