Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Tanya Burr Lips and Nails | Chic & Bright and Early

Hello! Like everyone else, I'm over the moon that Tanya Burr has had the opportunity to create her own range of products and it shows with dedication and perseverance, you are able to make the most of blogging. I ordered her products the day they were released but didn't actually get them until at least 10 days after purchase and I have been putting them to the test over the past month so that I can give you the complete lowdown.

The Lipgloss:

The colour I chose is a slightly dusty pale rosy colour with a hint of brown, making it the perfect colour to add shine to the lips on the go without a colour overload. No mirrors needed here. I find the formula incredibly moisturizing and I feel like I'm wearing a balm rather than a lipgloss as it's not sticky at all, which I'm really impressed with. Also, the smell is so so lovely, reminding me of strawberry and cream lollies, although not overpowering so that you can feel a little ill. Considering I'm not a lipgloss girl, I'd say I've fallen pretty hard for these lipglosses and I have my eyes on Picnic in the Park and Afternoon Tea for a bit more colour! If all lipglosses were like this, I'd definitely be a lipgloss hoarder, something I'm quite the opposite of at the moment.

The Nail Varnish:

Despite having at least 7 shades of pink in my nail polish collection, I opted for Bright and Early, although I wish I had gone for the blue colour, 'Little Duck.' I was a little disappointed that it took 3 coats in order for it to be completely opaque, but it was smooth and not streaky to apply. Once dry, it was beautifully shiny and a gorgeous bright pink, similar to Barry M's Gelly Hi Shine in Grapefruit which I was obsessed with last summer. Not neon, but almost. I wore this for 3 days before there was noticeable chipping and had to take it off which I think is fairly standard for a drugstore product. Beautiful application, but not blown away!

I would definitely repurchase Tanya's lipglosses but found that the nail polishes were a bit average when it came to the wear time, so I wouldn't repurchase them as fast. I'm really impressed with the products though as I was sort of expecting them to both be less impressive than they were but you can tell that Tanya has been picky with formulas to get them to the right consistency and has excelled my expectations, especially with her lipglosses!


  1. I really loved the Tanya Burr Lipgloss, it's soooo lovely but I wasn't impressed with the polish. I want more gloss shades now though definitely xx

    Gemma //

    1. me too! it's turned me into a bit of a lipgloss girl which i defiantly wasn't before! xx

  2. What a lovely nail polish shade but what caught my eyes is the lipgloss, what a pretty everyday shade to wear! I hope I can find her line here in California.


    1. this range is on several websites and i'm sure at least one ships worldwide, i think even free? have a look on her blog so you can see where they're available! might take a while to come though, takes long enough here because it's so popular!