Saturday, 29 March 2014

Dan Croll @ Scala

Hello! Call me a gig-goer, but I've been at it again this week. This time I was near Kings Cross Station in Scala, a teeny tiny venue holding about 900 people watching Dan Croll. Dan Croll has been played a lot on the radio recently after the release of From Nowhere but I was introduced to him about 6 months ago and a friend and I were unable to pass up the opportunity to see him.

I thought that Dan's first support act Jack Garratt was amazing. His voice and the way his music was put together was creative and something I hadn't seen someone do live and so simply perhaps ever. He also made me actually laugh with some of his comments between songs and his friends were clearly very supportive of his music. We the Wild was the second support act and while I thought they were good, they didn't interact with the audience at all apart from introducing themselves and saying goodbye which I thought was disappointing, especially as the size of the audience allowed both other acts to interact so closely. They reminded me a lot of You Me At Six vocals and sounded really good, I just wish they spoke a little more to us all! Despite this, I thought that both acts complimented what was to come (*tries to think of Compliment Your Soul joke*) and I am really excited to see what happens in Jack Garratt's future. 

The size of the venue did not dampen my experience, I actually loved how intimate the event was, especially as the crowd was able to sing along to Dan's songs and you could still hear him which is something that often irritates me in large venues. We were pretty close to the stage in only the second row so I did not have to stand on tip toes (bonus!!) which was a nice change. Something I particularly enjoyed about the closeness of it all was that everyone was singing along to Home and Compliment Your Soul and he looked incredibly pleased that there was a room of people singing his words back to him all at once.

'My first ticket touts... Does that mean... Does that mean I've made it?'

When Dan spoke to the crowd he made me smile because he seemed so happy that he was able to perform to people on his own tour. He performed a majority of songs from his new album, Sweet Disarray as well as some of the first songs he released which are the ones I knew the best. I was so impressed with his new album and I could easily see him every night. It was one of those concerts where at the end, I really didn't want to leave and I could have stood there for a couple more hours with him singing. I think I speak for both myself and Tom when I say it was an amazing evening in a lovely venue that I will definitely keep an eye out for in the future!

Have you seen Dan on his most recent tour? Or been to Scala before?

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