Saturday, 9 August 2014


Hello! If your Saturday night as exciting as mine? I've found myself to actually be quite busy for the past two weeks, being away in Chester and out quite late enjoying my summer with friends and then out again the next day, so it feels good to be in on a Saturday night!

I find myself looking for things for when it gets a bit nippier while internet shopping at the moment. I say internet shopping, I really mean just browsing but I thought I would share a couple of things I have my eye on at the moment.


Trousers - Planet @ John Lewis | Trousers - Phase Eight @ John Lewis | T-Bar Shoes - eBay | Seche Vite - Boots | Bourjois Rouge Velvet - Boots | Revlon Colour Boost - Boots | Moonstone Ring - eBay | Mac - eBay

Firstly, as I have to start thinking about what I might need when I go back to school, I'm really in need of some new trousers. At my school I have to wear a suit everyday but I don't have to match the materials so I can pair these trousers with a black blazer and a simple black or white top. I also love these shoes and think they would look really cute with my suit if it continues to stay dry. You can find lots of different styles of T-Bar shoes on eBay for varying prices and while it's dry in England I really want to get my hands on a pair. Seche Vite is something that is constantly on my wishlist but I never seem to reach out and buy but I am dying to try this out as soon as I can! The two lip products are me lusting over dark, red lips. I can't wait for it to get a bit colder and to wear these colours out one evening. They don't feel right to me in summer! The ring is something I always have my eye on on eBay but I never actually buy, similar to Seche Vite, but I wish I would just bite the bullet and get myself one! Finally, my friend has a retro-style tracksuit top type thing and if it's cold it's great to chuck on and as I don't really own a waterproof coat I thought this was cute for the rainier weather. Bright, right?


  1. I really like the trousers although I don't know if they'd be a bit formal for everyday wear, perfect for school though! I also LOVE that ring!

    1. yeah i think they're definitely a school/smart occasion thing!