Sunday, 24 August 2014


Hello! Recently school and clothes have been on my mind. In sixth form at my school we have to wear suits and this year they're letting us wear unmatching suits so with that in mind I purchased a pair of trousers I am in love with to go with my black blazer. Also, for someone who wears a lot of white, I feel I don't quite have enough white tops and for some reason continue to buy more. I love a good white top though!

Scalloped White Top - Topshop | Monochrome Trousers - Phase Eight @ John Lewis

I did mention these trousers in my last Wishlist and I snatched them up to match with a black blazer, a white top and some black boots or flats for school in September (sigh!) I have nothing scalloped?! I love the simple detail of scalloped tops but have never bought one. I'm so glad this doesn't come up cropped on me because everything at the moment seems to be cropped? It's alright to own crop tops, but sometimes I just want a normal length top! I have to wear a cami top under this as it is a bit see through, although it could be tackled with a skin colour bra. New Look do a similar style that isn't see through, but it's the kind of material that makes me sweat before I'm even out the door so I avoided that one! This outfit is very sadly the only thing that makes me look forward to going back to school! 

Do you have uniform rules similar to mine? What do you wear to school?