Saturday, 30 August 2014


Hello! Firstly, hey to my new bedding! It's from IKEA and I love it. Onto the blogpost...

Most of my purchases for beauty, skincare, hair and clothes are things I've seen on multiple blogs and have been endlessly raved about. This usually ensures that I'm impressed and my money has gone on things I know that aren't a waste of my time. Do you see where this is going? I hate the Tangle Teaser.

I just don't understand the hype. So many people say that it glides effortlessly through wet hair and is pretty good on dry hair, a couple of my friends use it and love it and are always using mine as I tell them to take it. I've asked on twitter how I can make it work - use it on wet hair, use it while I still have conditioner on my hair, brush the top of my hair then flip my hair over and brush the bottom. All these suggestions and nothing works. I just hate the Tangle Teaser. It doesn't work on me and I have neither thin nor thick hair. I prefer my massive paddle brush for all occasions. Perhaps the Wet Brush on Lily Pebble's recommendation is worth a try, but I just can't bring myself to buy one and be disappointed.

Do you hate the Tangle Teaser too? How do you make it work?!!


  1. That sucks you don't get on with this. I really enjoy using it and I've tried it on all of the above (wet with conditioner, towel dried & completely dry. I usually just tend to use it when my hair is in between (not soaking wet but not fully dried). It's the only brush I can use on my toddler also, as she hates me touching her hair x

    Beauty with charm

    1. i just can't find a way to get on with it!!

  2. i use mine on wet, damp and dry hair and love it! I have quite a lot of hair and find it's the only thing that actually gets knots out. It does work best however with a little spray of detangled product on the brush first. When wet i use it with my head flipped upside down and then flip it back and get rid of any strays. Really shocked you don't like it as it's my essential and the best brush i have ever had!