Wednesday, 24 June 2015


These are my perfect bikini tops: a little bit of push and holds everything in. I don't have the biggest boobs so triangle shaped bikinis don't do anything for me and I love something that really holds everything. I saw these on Lucy Watson's Instagram and loved them straight away. For only £15 they are, in my eyes, a bargain and the bottoms that they match with them are also lovely and relatively cheap with around 8 colours to choose from. There is also a limited edition version of this bikini with a different pattern on each side that has a small cut out in the middle. I might have to pick up two....

#1 spotted

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Turning Eighteen & Leaving School | June Catch Up

I've been light on the posts recently due to exams but on Wednesday I finished and am now a free woman for the next 18 months before I go to university in 2016. I'm taking a gap year which I have losely planned but will be looking into much more very soon! I wanted to do a catch up post to update you as I've had lots on recently while I've been away.

It began with the last ever day of school and the beginning of study leave. This was celebrated appropriately with drinks and 90's songs after a primary-school-esque sports day took place followed by a BBQ and getting our year books and leavers hoodies. In our leavers assembly we were shown a great video which had been in the making for months (youtube here) which featured everyone and this was followed by a light hearted game of Take Me Out.

On the Saturday was speech day, at which I did not win a prize but it was the final taste of school assemblies and every one got all dressed up. When I got home I was met by suspiciously early birthday decorations and a shout of surprise from my nana, aunt and uncle along with 3 of my closest friends, brother and mum. I got a beautiful Russian wedding ring which will be featuring in many posts, I'm sure as well as travelling bits and a big photo frame titled '18 Shades of Hannah' by my friends.

The next day was my 18th birthday which I spent at Tunbridge Wells Bar & Grill (their cocktails are amazing) which was so delicious and I had loads of my family there and my friends. I then visited the pub in the evening where I was ID'ed for the first time and saw some other friends. I was lucky enough to get a trip to New York with my dad and a trip to Budapest for me and my boyfriend from my mum as well as a trip up the Shard in London and money towards my travels. I felt so lucky and spoiled that day and I wish that it didn't have to end! The day afterwards I had to go straight back into revision for my A2s.

I then got to drop revision for another day for a wedding. I haven't been to a wedding since I was about 9 so I really enjoyed myself. It was such a beautiful day and I had been excited about it for so long so Congratulations to Sam & Grace!

The end of exams was then kindly upon me. Me and my friends went to the local pub for ice cream sundaes to celebrate (something we had been planning for a long time) and spent the evening drinking fizz with a rather drunken game of articulate and not so great renditions of Mamma Mia songs. Beginning of freedom!

There is a big forest by my house which takes part in the forest tour and this year Tom Odell was playing. I saw him last year at Benicassim although I was sat on the grass. My mum loves him so we and my boyfriend all went to see him and he is great on stage. He was supported by Rae Morris as well who I really like at the moment and both of them were excellent. I wouldn't see Tom on his own again but if he was playing at a festival I would go see him.

Finally, my last ever school event. My leavers ball was held in a marquee in the head boys garden which was brilliant because they were able to do everything the way we wanted to. It was a fantastic night (although I took my shoes off when there was lots of glass around and hid lots of jelly shots in my bag although it just filled my bag with jelly...) and something which I'll really treasure because the people in my year are great.

So that brings my life up to date and today I have spent the whole day watching OITNB as I promised I wouldn't start season 3 until I had finished my exams. Its so great to be home with nothing to do (except go to work a couple of times a week) and I'm so glad that exams are over. I have a couple of exciting things planned for summer like going to Liverpool to visit my cousin for a week and going to France to meet my boyfriend who went to Russia today for 6 weeks. I can't wait to enjoy this freedom!