Saturday, 27 September 2014


Hello! I picked up Soap & Glory's Peaches and Clean in replacement of my Nuxe Melting Cleansing Gel with Rose Petals, which I really liked to get rid of my make up and did such a good job on my eyes. I just felt like trying something a bit different and Nuxe is still a little hard to find sometimes.

Peaches and Clean has a faint smell of peaches with a spa undertone which isn't too overpowering. I actually love the smell of peaches so I love this but I know that some of my friends aren't fans. It's got a great pump that's good for in the shower so you don't have to faff around with lids and it doesn't let water into the product, which I've found with a couple of other products (Clarins...). For it's 3 in 1 it claims to declog and deep clean, boost circulation and re-energize and finally get rid of make up and blackhead-causing build up from the skin. It does all of the above wonderfully and noticeably after only using it for about a month. My eye make up usually needs a little bit of help with some micellar water as I don't like rubbing this into my eyes too much (sting-sation) but it definitely melts away everything else. I remove it with a flannel to gently buff my skin at the same time and I'm happy using this as my cleanser at the moment although whether I repurchase or not, I'm not 100% sure. I'm actually dying to try their hot-cloth-cleanser style product, so I think that's next on my list.

Are there any Soap & Glory skincare products that I should try out?

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

5 More Things I Didn't Know Before Blogging

Hello! In February I posted '5 Things I Didn't Know Before Blogging' and as I have continued to blog and read other blogs, mainly ones about beauty, I have learnt even more. That's kind of why I like all this blogging stuff; I learn stuff! Loads of you loved my post in February, which you can find to the right of this post or linked here.

1. You have to wash your brushes? I know that this sounds ridiculous, but before I blogged I only owned one brush and then some of those horrible eye sponge things. Cringing. This brush was a Boots own big face brush which I used for all my blush, bronzer and powder and I was perfectly happy with just that until I realized there are brushes made for specific things like putting eye shadow on the crease of your eye and contouring your face. I really had no idea at all. Now I deep clean my brushes at least once a month to make sure they're squeaky clean and keep the bacteria to a minimum on my dressing table.

2. So there is bronzing... then there is contouring? Say what?! I had no clue what contouring was, let alone how to do it! I personally still like to keep it quite simple and get a bronzer that I can mutlitask with but the Real Techniques Duo Fiber Face Brush is pretty good at getting under your cheekbones if I'm focusing on it. And my temples... and around my hair line... and under my chin. Still keeping it simple.

From 'Bronzing Up'

3. Acid?? On my face? Salacylic Acid was completely alien to me, even a little while into blogging. I would hear the name pop up, more when I really got into YouTube videos but quite frankly the name of it scared me a little bit. I didn't really understand the concept of putting some kind of acid on my face. However, I now use my Una Brennan Superfacialist mask twice a week which contains salacylic acid and I'm completely converted. It limits my dry patches, unblocks all my pores to keep the black heads at bay and helps me to prevent breakouts. Genius.

4. Sephora?... Spack NK... Cult Beauty?! To be honest, when I kept hearing these names I thought they were brands of make up, which Sephora is, but really it's much much more than that, am I right ladies? I loved sending my dad off with a little list when he popped over to America and after birthdays and christmas, Space NK is always on my mind when I'm thinking of what I can buy with my money. I also go in regularly for presents for my dad and special people like that. I just love it and can't help myself!

5. Powders can be creamy? Huh? You know when people describe eyeshadows as creamy? Or any powder for that matter? I had absolutely no idea at the beginning. In my head I was thinking 'you just said it's a powder and now I'm super confused about this whole cream thing?!' However, if you've tried any of Urban Decay's Naked palettes or Nars' blushes, you'll know what a creamy powder is. I'm unsure how I actually figured this one out but I did. Thank God. No longer having to rewind videos or reread posts when someones talking about a creamy powder. Phew!

I may do a 3rd and final post of 'Things I Didn't Know Before Blogging' that would include all of you guys. If you have anything you didn't know, tweets me @hannah_gibbins or email me (at the side!)

Saturday, 20 September 2014


Hello! Let's face it... I need none of these things. However, I feel like they would be incredibly welcome into my wardrobe up until next summer.
things i need for autumn

1. Nike Air Force 1s Low White - I don't know why but I love these. I think it's just because I love white and these are all-white-errything. I'm not really a trainer girl and never wear trainers with my outfits except a pair of white Converse but I really love these!

2. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Hot Pepper - These are some little beauties that I cannot wait to try. Liquid lipsticks that dry down to a completely matte look and feel and don't budge all day. Why would you not want to try these? And they've just added a couple more colours but I'm a big fan of this bright and perfect red. 

3. Zara Fur Hooded Coat - Isn't this lovely?! My mum always used to buy me hooded coats with fur when I was younger and I always hated them but I think they're really cute now. Mum, you were right all along. I love Zara coats as they always last for such a long time and actually keep you warm (something I like in a coat!)

4. Blue Jeans & Fave Grey Sweatshirt - I saw this in Zara and loved it. It's so simple and would be great to put under a coat with a pair of jeans, a coat and some boots or for just lazing about. You can use it for layering or just on it's own. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

5. Soap & Glory Brow Archery 2 in 1 - If you read my post on S&G's Brow Tint and Pencil you'll know I'm a huge fan. However, a little update: the tint end tends to get a little clogged with foundation and sometimes seems a bit pointless to me. It's become something I only do if I am going out so I get the most use out of the pencil and often find myself thinking 'now I just need a good spoolie'! This has the pencil with the same formula although tinner than their previous (perhaps a good thing as it's on the chunky side) and a spoolie. My dream has come true!

What are your autumn(/fall) 'essentials'?

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

An Unbeatable Pair

Hello! There is something I have always skipped from my nail routine that is really incredibly simple. I hate to admit it to you all, but I have never really used top coat or base coat. I know, they're so simple and it makes your manicure last longer and look glossier. I finally bit the bullet and ordered two of the most popular top coats and base coats and they really are an unbeatable pair.

Seche Vite is something that I have never seen a beauty blogger do a nail post without. So many people talk about this and one of my friends is a huge fan so I had to pick it up. It definitely hasn't disappointed. It makes my nails look so shiny and definitely prolongs the amount of time I can get away with pretending my nails still look as good as day one. If you're umming and ahhing about this one - just buy it!!

The ORLY Rubberized Bonder Basecoat is something I hear less about but there are a couple of people, such as Lily Pebbles, who say nothing but good things about it. Described as a 'double backed sticky tape' it is meant to ensure that your nail varnish really sticks to it and doesn't budge. It definitely makes my polish go on nicer and I've already seen a difference in the colour of my nails since using it. Along with Seche Vite, my polish is lasting well and has just a tiny bit of tip wear by the time I get bored of the colour and go in for a repaint. Also, if anyone is interested I have a spare bottle of this at £8 (or nearest offer) so comment below and I can arrange to send it to you. Kind of a mini blogsale?

I would highly recommend both of these products if you're in need of either a base coat or a top coat. I think they're brilliant and I can definitely see the hype!

Monday, 15 September 2014


Hello! If you cast your mind back to May time, I wrote a post (see here) about some of the products that Urban Outfitters has had to pull from their shelves due to complaints, although the products shouldn't have really been allowed to be put there in the first place. Guess what? They're at it again. Seriously UO?!

Their 'Vintage Blooded' Sweatshirt might seem a bit worn and almost acid washed, but people were offended at the reference to the Kent State massacre where four students were killed and nine others were injured. Just slightly insensitive...

However, it has come to my attention that perhaps Urban Outfitters aren't the only ones making these mistakes... Zara, I'm looking at you.

Zara have pulled these toddler pyjamas with a star that resembles the Star of David sewn on the front as many shoppers were seeing a resemblance to the Nazi Concentration Camp uniforms. How did no one see this similarity?! Who OK-ed this!?

The thing is, lots of clothing stores actually have to withdraw quite a few items of clothing: Asda and Tesco withdrew Halloween outfits last year after they were accused of disgracing those with mental health issues. Asda also had to withdraw wearable England flags which resembled the style of Ku Klux Klan outfits. Fenwicks stopped stocking BOY London after there were complaints of their Eagle Logo and Next baby grows got pulled after drawings of penises were found on them. Penises. On baby grows. 

Some of these are perhaps due to some sensitive people who see these products but once you see what's wrong with it you kind of can't help but thinking it's slightly wrong and shouldn't have been allowed. Clearly enough people are noticing this and complaining which leads these brands to having to remove certain products so why do they not think more about the effect it will have on their business and the way that those who buy it might take it? It's just incredibly careless of the companies but I really thought that Urban Outfitters might have stopped slipping up with their stock after so many times! (Click here to see their 13 biggest slip ups)

What do you think about these controversial designs?

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Bold Blazer | Outfit

Hello! On a trip to Lakeside for some back to school shopping, I spotted a little beauty in Primark. I don't find that Primark always has much to offer me, but every once in a while I find something I really love. The best part is that because it's Primark it isn't always horribly expensive and for something that I will get a lot of wear out of both inside and out of school I got a pretty good deal.

Blazer/Jacket - Primark, £17

Yes, just £17! It's made from quite a thick and good quality material which has meant it has been a little bit too hot since I've gone back to school to actually wear. However, I do plan to pair this with some black suit trousers, a skirt or a dress just to add a bit of something. I can also wear this out to dinner or to other such occasions outside of school just to make myself look a bit more smart. I love that there are two different patterns that sort of clash but pair together well at the same time! I picked mine up in a size 12 as it's meant to be cropped and I wanted it to be a bit longer and have room on the arms so that I would be able to put a jumper under it when it starts to get a bit more chilly. It still fits me well though so I didn't have to compromise length for the fit of it! 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Hello! Today is the day I go back to school... Woop. I'm not best pleased and I think I'm in need of a bit of this product... If you cast your mind back to my little skincare haul then you'll recognize this little bottle of goodness. After putting it to the test for a couple of weeks I've found the best way to use it and had a chance to make up my mind! 

Note: I have combination skin (both dry and oily patches)

The couple of weeks that I've used this I've come to really like it. It wasn't one of those face masks that changed my life after the first use, but I think that it has helped with how my skin has been looking and feeling. Before I used it I thought my skin was beginning to look a bit dry again and that I was getting regular break outs. I picked this mask because of the Salicylic Acid within it which helps to shed and turn over new skin cells quicker, leaving the newest cells which will brighten up your face and help to reduce your dry patches. Because Salacylic Acid also unclogs pores, I find it draws everything out and stops my break outs becoming to aggressive. Yes, they're still kind of there but they're definitely reduced and not as 'angry'. After I use this my skin can feel a bit tight and I just apply my moisturizer if I have applied it in the morning or The Body Shop's Serum in Oil if I do it at night. I find that after I've used the mask my skin drinks up whatever I put on it so I focus on my dry patches the most.

As for how I use this, the directions say 5 minutes which I think is actually a pretty good time. Especially if you don't want to be waiting around and want to get on with your day or evening. If you have less time, you could leave a thin layer on just your dry or problematic patches for 3-4 minutes and if you have more time there is no reason not to leave it on for 10-15 minutes. I find doing this makes my skin more fresh and hydrated. As long as the mask doesn't sting or irritate your skin after this long, there is no reason why not.

I would recommend this mask to anyone unless they have particularly sensitive skin as I think the formula may be too thick or just too much. However, I think that it helps unclog, control oil, reduce break out areas and help out your dry patches!

Have you tried this or anything else from Una Brenan? Are you a fan of Salacylic Acid products?