Wednesday, 17 September 2014

An Unbeatable Pair

Hello! There is something I have always skipped from my nail routine that is really incredibly simple. I hate to admit it to you all, but I have never really used top coat or base coat. I know, they're so simple and it makes your manicure last longer and look glossier. I finally bit the bullet and ordered two of the most popular top coats and base coats and they really are an unbeatable pair.

Seche Vite is something that I have never seen a beauty blogger do a nail post without. So many people talk about this and one of my friends is a huge fan so I had to pick it up. It definitely hasn't disappointed. It makes my nails look so shiny and definitely prolongs the amount of time I can get away with pretending my nails still look as good as day one. If you're umming and ahhing about this one - just buy it!!

The ORLY Rubberized Bonder Basecoat is something I hear less about but there are a couple of people, such as Lily Pebbles, who say nothing but good things about it. Described as a 'double backed sticky tape' it is meant to ensure that your nail varnish really sticks to it and doesn't budge. It definitely makes my polish go on nicer and I've already seen a difference in the colour of my nails since using it. Along with Seche Vite, my polish is lasting well and has just a tiny bit of tip wear by the time I get bored of the colour and go in for a repaint. Also, if anyone is interested I have a spare bottle of this at £8 (or nearest offer) so comment below and I can arrange to send it to you. Kind of a mini blogsale?

I would highly recommend both of these products if you're in need of either a base coat or a top coat. I think they're brilliant and I can definitely see the hype!


  1. shotgun the basecoat aha i'll have to remember to bring the money into school or whenever i next seeya!

    love katy @ THE RAWRDROBE ♡