Monday, 15 September 2014


Hello! If you cast your mind back to May time, I wrote a post (see here) about some of the products that Urban Outfitters has had to pull from their shelves due to complaints, although the products shouldn't have really been allowed to be put there in the first place. Guess what? They're at it again. Seriously UO?!

Their 'Vintage Blooded' Sweatshirt might seem a bit worn and almost acid washed, but people were offended at the reference to the Kent State massacre where four students were killed and nine others were injured. Just slightly insensitive...

However, it has come to my attention that perhaps Urban Outfitters aren't the only ones making these mistakes... Zara, I'm looking at you.

Zara have pulled these toddler pyjamas with a star that resembles the Star of David sewn on the front as many shoppers were seeing a resemblance to the Nazi Concentration Camp uniforms. How did no one see this similarity?! Who OK-ed this!?

The thing is, lots of clothing stores actually have to withdraw quite a few items of clothing: Asda and Tesco withdrew Halloween outfits last year after they were accused of disgracing those with mental health issues. Asda also had to withdraw wearable England flags which resembled the style of Ku Klux Klan outfits. Fenwicks stopped stocking BOY London after there were complaints of their Eagle Logo and Next baby grows got pulled after drawings of penises were found on them. Penises. On baby grows. 

Some of these are perhaps due to some sensitive people who see these products but once you see what's wrong with it you kind of can't help but thinking it's slightly wrong and shouldn't have been allowed. Clearly enough people are noticing this and complaining which leads these brands to having to remove certain products so why do they not think more about the effect it will have on their business and the way that those who buy it might take it? It's just incredibly careless of the companies but I really thought that Urban Outfitters might have stopped slipping up with their stock after so many times! (Click here to see their 13 biggest slip ups)

What do you think about these controversial designs?

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