Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Did Someone Say Anti-Imperfections?

Hello! If you've tried this product you will either agree or disagree with me. I had seen so many mixed reviews before buying this and after having it for a couple of months I feel I'm able to tell you how I feel about it. Ladies and gentlemen, La Roche Posay's Effaclar Duo +, something I know is in many peoples skincare routines and others just don't have the time.

This product is essentially an anti-imperfections cream that they suggest you apply all over your face, especially if you can feel a blemish coming up or you want to get rid of the scars or marks left behind by previous ones. I have quite a few marks that have been left behind and pretty blemish prone skin so I had high hopes...

After loving a tester I received on purchase of their cleansing gel, I was hoping this would come into it's own and would be something I simply can't live without but unfortunately I'm one of those people that just doesn't have the time. I think a product that claims to do this is firstly a very big statement that promises to do a lot. Perhaps it's because I'm prone to blemishes with my teenage skin, but I didn't find this helped and sometimes I'd even wake up with new blemishes that weren't there the night before. It didn't reduce any blemishes I applied it to or stop them from coming up and it hasn't reduced any marks that are left behind when they finally do go. If you really want to get rid of those marks, mix in a little Bio Oil with your serum or moisturizer as it works wonders.

I also find this way too drying to use all over my face. I've seen posts about people using this without moisturizer which I find really hard to believe and I can't believe it doesn't dry out their skin. For me, it was essential that I remembered that this isn't a moisturizer. As I found it was drying my skin up I started applying it to just blemishes by dotting it on and patting it in with my finger. Still, not the result I wanted or that was promised. Despite this being disappointing, I wouldn't write the brand off - their cleansing gel is really impressive and can remove all dirt from the face, leaving you feeling squeaky clean! I know they used to do a version of this without the + on the end, and maybe the old one had more per-zazzz and impressive results but this just isn't for me and I've removed it from my skincare routine. Perhaps not for the teenage-spot prone skin and just for those occasional blemishes after your hormones pipe down?

Have you tried this or anything else from La Roche Posay?

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Festival Should Haves

Hello! Last year I went to Reading which was my first ever festival and despite it being a tiny bit rainy and cold (and I mean a tiny bit, the weather was actually alright!) I absolutely loved it. I loved the live music and the atmosphere and I knew I wanted to go to another festival again this year, even if it meant I didn't shower for 6 days... again.

Hello! Last year I went to Reading which was my first ever festival and despite it being a tiny bit rainy and cold (and I mean a tiny bit, the weather was actually alright!) I absolutely loved it. I loved the live music and the atmosphere and I knew I wanted to go to another festival again this year, even if it meant I didn't shower for 6 days... again.

This year however, I'm not going back to Reading or Leeds and I'm not even sticking around in England or any of the UK. I'm jetting off to Spain to go to FIB - Benicassim with 10 of my friends. I'm super excited that we get a festival and a bit of a holiday in one and to see Paolo Nutini!!! Due to the guaranteed sunny weather, I'm packing a little differently to last year. I'm swapping the jumpers and the wellies for dresses and sandals and the mud for the sand... 

Due to the hot weather and sun, I don't see much point in going too heavy on the make up. A slick of mascara and a little bit of eyeliner is good for me and some concealer if I really need it but I plan to let my skin breathe and soak up the sun - just take a bloody good SPF! To avoid panda eyes I'll be taking some make up wipes. No skin care routine to be seen in the campsite! I'll also be taking some dry shampoo and obviously sun cream. Batiste is my favourite brand and it's so affordable so it's a brilliant option. For the beach I love little dresses or a kimono and shorts that you can just slip over your bikini which is this black one great for those who can't pull of triangle bikinis. Light tops which let you breathe so you don't sweat to death are essential. Keep it light and breezy!! And obviously to top it all off, a nice cheap pair of sunnies - cheap for the risk of them being festival-ed*!

I will be talking about festivals a bit more in the next few weeks in the lead up to Benicassim! If there is anything you'd like to see from me on them let me know!

Are you going to a festival this year? Have you been before?

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Like A Polaroid Picture #1

Hello! If you saw my birthday presents post, you would have seen that lots of my friends clubbed together and bought be a Fujifilm Instaxmini 8 which was so exciting. Since my birthday I've used up a whole film and I thought just as some people share their week or two from Instagram every once in a while, I would share some of my favourite pictures I've taken. My Instagram is always at the bottom of my blog or you can follow me here!

At Bill's with my Dad and brother for my birthday in Brighton. I had the best calamari and steak with a really lovely waitress. I always love Bill's and it's yet to let me down!

With my distracter present from my friends on my birthday so that I didn't know they had got me a camera, sneaky / With all my friends on my birthday when we were having lunch and cocktails / In Bill'a again! / Just before I blew out the candles on my cake looking really happy... / ... and blowing my candles out!

With my friend Eve just yesterday! Haven't seen her in ages and had a very nice evening along with her friend Noah!

Jojo and I on the pier in Brighton last weekend with some remaining tickets I'm saving for a rainy day!

I am so happy with my camera and how all these come out so thank you to all of my friends. I can't do these all the time because the film is bloody expensive so I have to use it rather sparingly but I know that I will be able to take pictures of special moments and stick them straight on my wall! Hope you like this, it's a bit different to one about my Instagram but I usually explain them and as I said, they're down below!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Nuxe Aroma Perfection Purifying Cleansing Gel

Hello! I have an empty bottle and a little review to share with you all. I bought Nuxe's Aroma Perfection Purifying Cleansing Gel when I went to France in Easter because although it's not a super difference, it's cheaper across the Channel. So the bottle is empty and I thought I'd share with you exactly what I thought.

The cleanser is meant to clear pores and eliminate excess oils. I picked up the one for combination to oily skin which worked great for me, even when my skin was a little dry. It controlled the areas that get a little more oily but didn't dry out my skin at all but if your skin is dry more often you might want to pick one up for dryer or more sensitive skin. Having said that, my skin did not show any signs of irritation while using this and my skin can sometimes go a little off the wall. It's really gentle and isn't heavily scented, just that spa like aroma.

As a teenager, I have pretty blemish prone skin which isn't something that anything that I've found so far can completely clear up. This didn't clear it up either, but it definitely stopped them becoming so red and noticeable which I was thankful for. I have used this most evenings and mornings since Easter and I'm pretty impressed. Not as blown away as I was by the Reve de Miel lip balm (review here) but I think it did what it said on the tin. I'm interested to try more skincare products from Nuxe, such as some of their rose petal facials, a mask or some of their anti-imperfection range. You can get this pretty easily in the UK at the moment as Nuxe has just landed on the shelves of Marks & Spencers! I'd recommend this to those of you with oily or combination skin and you want something light to cleanse with. Tomorrow I need a pick up something from my local pharmacy which has just started doing Korres, La Roche Posay (which I love), This Works, Vichy and Avene which is exciting as they're now super easy to find for me!

Have you tried anything from Nuxe?

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Brighton Night

Hello! I head over to Brighton most weekends because it's where my dad lives. I love Brighton and had never been properly until he moved there a couple of years ago. Last night I took my friend along with me and after a delicious Wagamama's (I had teriyaki chicken donburi mmm) we headed down to the pier to get 99's (or should I say £2.55's?!)

This is something you have to do on the pier...

2p machines are my favourite!

My brother, Jojo and I all went ticket crazy...

And what do tickets get you? Bubbles...

During summer I will defnitely be writing about Brighton more as there are places in the North Lanes I want to talk about when the weather is nicer! Hope you enjoyed a little insight to my weekend! Have a good week!

Have you been to Brighton before?

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Big Bronze Eyes

Hello! i'm a sucker for a quick layer of a creme shadow at the moment, particularly Maybelline's Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze, a #bblogger favourite. However, when I'm dressing it up a bit I tend to go a bit heaver and smokier. I love this look when I'm not just popping out the house and it's perfect for dinner or a post exam party.

urban decay naked 2 | maybelline brow drama | maybelline colour tattoo - on and on bronze | rimmel exaggerate liner | maybelline the rocket | rimmel smokey quartz

smokey quartz | on and on bronze | naked 2 - busted

Base - On and On Bronze. It creates a fresh base to ensure that anything applied on top is as pigmented as can be and stays all day. Before that completely dries I apply Smokey Quartz all over my lid. I find this is pretty similar to On and On Bronze but it is so beautiful. I'm so in love with it and I just find it adds to the base. Crease - Naked 2 time. I add a little of Busted into the crease which I find is the perfect brown to accompany the other shades. I then apply my little sticky notes - very Amelia Liana-esque - so I can apply my eyeliner. I don't always do this but I find it ensures precision and when you've put in all that work so far on your eye, you don't want to be taking it off. Leaving the sticky note there, I apply a little more Busted so define that line and blend it out. When the note is removed you can blend it out a little more if it suits you but I find it adds to neatness and precision. A couple of lashings of Maybelline's The Rocket and a little of their Brow Drama slicked onto the brows to keep them tidy in place while adding a hint of colour completes the look. Smokey and not over the top.

Are there any eye products you think are essentials in the smokey eye department?