Sunday, 15 June 2014

Like A Polaroid Picture #1

Hello! If you saw my birthday presents post, you would have seen that lots of my friends clubbed together and bought be a Fujifilm Instaxmini 8 which was so exciting. Since my birthday I've used up a whole film and I thought just as some people share their week or two from Instagram every once in a while, I would share some of my favourite pictures I've taken. My Instagram is always at the bottom of my blog or you can follow me here!

At Bill's with my Dad and brother for my birthday in Brighton. I had the best calamari and steak with a really lovely waitress. I always love Bill's and it's yet to let me down!

With my distracter present from my friends on my birthday so that I didn't know they had got me a camera, sneaky / With all my friends on my birthday when we were having lunch and cocktails / In Bill'a again! / Just before I blew out the candles on my cake looking really happy... / ... and blowing my candles out!

With my friend Eve just yesterday! Haven't seen her in ages and had a very nice evening along with her friend Noah!

Jojo and I on the pier in Brighton last weekend with some remaining tickets I'm saving for a rainy day!

I am so happy with my camera and how all these come out so thank you to all of my friends. I can't do these all the time because the film is bloody expensive so I have to use it rather sparingly but I know that I will be able to take pictures of special moments and stick them straight on my wall! Hope you like this, it's a bit different to one about my Instagram but I usually explain them and as I said, they're down below!


  1. Aw It's so nice that your friends knew you'd want that and specially organised getting it for you.
    The pictures look great, I need to use mine more often

  2. These look like so much fun, and I love the color of yours.
    Would love you to check my blog if you can. Doing Coach clutch giveaway right now !

  3. Lovely post!xxKind of in love with your blog:)
    I would love you to visit my blog,and follow if you want!:)
    Keep in touch xoxo
    Love,Antonella <3