Sunday, 8 June 2014

Brighton Night

Hello! I head over to Brighton most weekends because it's where my dad lives. I love Brighton and had never been properly until he moved there a couple of years ago. Last night I took my friend along with me and after a delicious Wagamama's (I had teriyaki chicken donburi mmm) we headed down to the pier to get 99's (or should I say £2.55's?!)

This is something you have to do on the pier...

2p machines are my favourite!

My brother, Jojo and I all went ticket crazy...

And what do tickets get you? Bubbles...

During summer I will defnitely be writing about Brighton more as there are places in the North Lanes I want to talk about when the weather is nicer! Hope you enjoyed a little insight to my weekend! Have a good week!

Have you been to Brighton before?


  1. I would love to go to Brighton!

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