Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Big Bronze Eyes

Hello! i'm a sucker for a quick layer of a creme shadow at the moment, particularly Maybelline's Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze, a #bblogger favourite. However, when I'm dressing it up a bit I tend to go a bit heaver and smokier. I love this look when I'm not just popping out the house and it's perfect for dinner or a post exam party.

urban decay naked 2 | maybelline brow drama | maybelline colour tattoo - on and on bronze | rimmel exaggerate liner | maybelline the rocket | rimmel smokey quartz

smokey quartz | on and on bronze | naked 2 - busted

Base - On and On Bronze. It creates a fresh base to ensure that anything applied on top is as pigmented as can be and stays all day. Before that completely dries I apply Smokey Quartz all over my lid. I find this is pretty similar to On and On Bronze but it is so beautiful. I'm so in love with it and I just find it adds to the base. Crease - Naked 2 time. I add a little of Busted into the crease which I find is the perfect brown to accompany the other shades. I then apply my little sticky notes - very Amelia Liana-esque - so I can apply my eyeliner. I don't always do this but I find it ensures precision and when you've put in all that work so far on your eye, you don't want to be taking it off. Leaving the sticky note there, I apply a little more Busted so define that line and blend it out. When the note is removed you can blend it out a little more if it suits you but I find it adds to neatness and precision. A couple of lashings of Maybelline's The Rocket and a little of their Brow Drama slicked onto the brows to keep them tidy in place while adding a hint of colour completes the look. Smokey and not over the top.

Are there any eye products you think are essentials in the smokey eye department?


  1. I love that eye liner as well - so nice to use!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. Beautiful blog, great job x

    L&L -

  3. bronze eyeshadows are my absolute favourite! will have to check out that rimmel one. Xx