Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Kickstart Smoothie

Hello! I'm sat with my delicious smoothie that I just made and I wanted to share it with you. At the moment I'm on study leave for my exams and with 2 down I now have 3 to go *phew*! My food wishlist for my study leave contained lots of fruit that I could make smoothies with as I wanted to be able to have something in the mornings to kickstart my brain and have some food in me. I'm the worst at eating breakfast because I hate eating in the mornings and I wanted to be able to have something before I buried my head in books.

I cut up 1 whole banana, a kiwi, a whole apple with skin (because the skin is the good part) and added a handful of blueberries along with the 4 raspberries that someone had left in the fridge.

I then added them to my blender with some Greek yogurt and a little bit of water although if you like to eat less dairy you could just use water or some fruit juice.

It's really that simple. While I don't always do it, I think it's really important to have something at the beginning of the day to kickstart your brain and metabolism and this also gives you a natural sugar boost. There are so many different variations of smoothies - you could use avocado, orange, more berries or peaches - it really depends on your preference and this is one of my favourites.

Back to the books but what do you put in your smoothies or juices?


  1. this looks delicious!! want to try this :) xx

  2. This sounds amazing... I could so drink this right now xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. It looks delicious and I totally agree on having something to start the day with. I eat a bowl of yogurt and berries every morning to start my day, it's so good!
    Tanja Mortensen

  4. I like your nail polish! Where is it from? x