Saturday, 24 May 2014

Elizabeth and James | Nirvana White

Hello! It's my birthday!

When my dad headed to the States 3 weeks ago, not only did I reeeallly miss him, but I was pondering on what I could ask him to get me there that we can't get here.

I recently saw a lot about the Oslen Twins's perfumes Nirvana White and Nirvana Black. It's not the easiest to get hold of in the UK and the white one particularly appealed to me because of it's notes of peony. It is a risk to ask for a perfume you've never smelt before but I trust the opinions of fellow bloggers and YouTubers so I just went for it and asked my dad to get my a roller ball of Nirvana White. If I didn't like it it wouldn't be such a loss and I could always get hold of it if I liked it enough for a larger size.

My dad very kindly bought me the large version. Luckily enough, I bloody love it. I love floral and summery scents and this has that from the peony and the muguet (lily of the valley) but is made more sophisticated by the musk. It's the kind of scent I want to wear on a special occasion and I think it's very enlightening and feminine. The bottle is slim, sleek and beautiful with a textured white body and gold detailing which I think adds to the elegance of it.

It was a big risk to ask for a perfume I'd never smelt before but I love it. Scents are what tie me most to memories I create and a perfume often brings back strong memories for me from a certain time. With my birthday on Saturday I will whip this out to make it extra special. I am dying to smell the black version as I've heard a rumour they're undeniably complimentary when layered, tying together feminine touches with a masculine base, so I will definitely do that whenever I get the chance.

Also, can we applaud my dad for stepping into Sephora in New York - the busiest shop he's ever seen. You're a very lovely dad!

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