Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Birthday Surprises

Hello! It was my birthday on Saturday - the big 17. How odd is it that at 23:59 I wasn't able to drive and 60 seconds later I am all of a sudden allowed to drive on the roads? Of course, I haven't passed yet but I did have my first lesson yesterday which was pretty good actually! I thought I'd share a couple of things I got for my birthday. I did ask for money as I wanted to pick myself up a couple of things that were specific to me and that I needed to go grab which I plan to show you in another post... Boring disclaimer alert: I'm not bragging, I love reading these posts so I thought you might too...

First of all, my friend got me this delicious pasta recipe book. Pasta is my favourite thing to cook and I shared this recipe towards the beginning of my blog that I kind of made up, kind of copied. That recipe is running a little dry so this is a great way to find even more ways I can eat pasta. I bloody love carbs. Help. My dad bought me a beautiful Tiffany bracelet back from New York which surprised me so much. It's so dainty and small which I love and it's something I can keep forever. Absolutely timeless. My friends all pitched in together to buy me an Instax Mini 8. I'd had my eye on this for a while so I was so excited about this. I love the idea of Polaroids and while you can easily print digital photos, not enough people do! Including me! If you cast your mind back to my birthday wishlist, I showed a Mulberry pouch on there with not-so-high expectations. However, my brother seemed to be able to find what I was looking for! And finally, a concealer I've been waiting to have in my collection for a while! I've used this before but never actually owned it and there is a lot of hype around it at the moment! I love a good concealer! I'm also getting my hair done tomorrow and am going a little lighters for summer which I'm really excited about! EEK!

Hope you are having a good week and half term if you're still at school!


  1. I've been dying for that Polaroid camera, and I've asked all my friends to get me that for my 18th birthday too! I really hope they do, it looks so adorable. So does your Tiffany's bracelet!
    ♥ Dayo from Tequila Mockingbird

  2. ah hope you had a lovely birthday! and the instax camera is my favourite - love the colour! xx

    1. Thank you! I love the colour too! X