Thursday, 7 August 2014


Hello! I somehow managed to let myself run incredibly low on all of my skincare so I had to do an order of just about everything bar cleanser and an exfoliator. I headed onto Boots which have some pretty good deals right now and made myself a small online order...

I love Garnier's skincare range and have tried their moisturizers before which I think are great for balancing out your skin in a specific way to you as they have so many to offer. I hadn't tried the Micellar Water before but I have tried others like it's 'rival' from L'Oreal and I think that this is definitely better value for momey as you get double the amount for the same price with this one. Whether it will impress me as much will be revealed in the future but I have high hopes. Lastly from Garnier, I am not really a toner person, but as this one was free of alcohol, perfumes and colourants I thought that it would be worth a go. While I don't religiously search for products which don't contain the harsh things, I like it when it's on offer and especially when it's from a brand that I trust.

The product I was most excited about in my order was Una Brennan's Super Facialist Salicylic Acid Anti Blemish Mask. I've heard such good things about her skincare range and she's a well known name who knows her stuff. I've been after a mask that isn't from Lush for a while and I am relying on this to unclog my pores and keep break outs away.

I'll be doing un updated skincare routine soon as it has changed a lot since I previously did one, but until then... Is there anything you love skincare-wise that I need to be trying out?

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