Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Hello! The other day, my friend and I were talking about how everybody needs a little black bag. Something to just pop your phone, purse, keys and headphones in with a little pack of gum and a lipstick just for when you don't need to carry everything around with you. I use one of these for school and carry around my folders by hand as I find it easier to organize my stuff in a smaller bag. If I had a big bag for school, I would loose half of my life at the bottom of it until I finally decided that I need to find something a year or so later. So, I've hand picked some Little Black Bags that fit the description!

cedar street magnolia / kate spade - mini office city bag / zara - classic mini leather satchel / cambridge satchel company - mini bag w/ metal clasp / pull & bear - maria bag by marc b / topshop - black suede double pocket crossbody - river island - hamilton messanger / michael kors

My own LBB is from Pull & Bear, featured above which is big enough to put in my phone, headphones, gum, cardholder and my keys, as well as other smaller things that I have managed to clutter it with. I think black bags go with everything, so sometimes it's worth splashing out as they're so versatile and handy. Everyone needs a LBB, so if you take anything away from this post I hope it sends you in the direction of 'Add to Basket' followed by 'Checkout' and 'Pay'.


  1. We love them all! LBBs are definitely the most versatile accessory you can have!