Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wednesday Wishlist

Hello! With the weather improving, I'm in summer mode. I have been dying to wear brighter, lighter and shorter things but I don't feel we are quite there yet and I doubt that this time around, the sun is here to stay. The whole point of this weather ramble is to swiftly move onto the fact I'm having a non-make up make up stage, or just a non-make up stage altogether as I feel my skin is improving with the appearance of sunshine. I am well and truly blaming the winter for my dull complexion. Therefore, I have nothing make up related on my wish list as there isn't something that I am dying to try, although I wish I had this after Boots ended their 3 for 2 offer. The heart doesn't want what the heart doesn't want... So my wishlist is largely clothing items and I managed to only feature one pair of the chunky shoes I'm lusting over...

jeans - topshop / hydraluron - boots / beyonce flawless sweat - ebay / nuxe reve de miel - fragrance direct / pink knitted crop - topshop / dioon leather heeled shoes - vagabond @ asos

I really want a pair of these Boyfriend Jeans as I think they're a bit different from skinny jeans which are such a pain for me to find with my figure as they're either too loose around the waist or my ankles or my thighs... I did try a pair of these on the other day and they were a little loose around my waist so I may have to skip the offering from Topshop and look elsewhere... As for Hydraluron, my skin just needs an oomf after this winter hasn't left it exactly glowing and hydrated. I feel as though I have 3 specific dry patches that I just need to sort once and for all and boost my hydration levels. With my lips, it's a similar story as I feel my lips just won't heal and with this once again dominating every favourites post and video, I feel I need to get over it's price tag as you wouldn't normally find me paying this much for a lip balm and get the Nuxe Reve de Miel. It has to be done. I really... *sigh* Beyonce. I love her and can't get enough - hence this sweatshirt, enough said.  I saw Rhiannon from FashionRocksMySocks sporting this in one of her most recent vlogs and I think it looked lovely and loved the style. However, I'm not exactly sure I would pay that much for the price tag and have spotted something similar on ASOS. It's all about finding the best price, ladies! Finally, while flicking through this months Company I noticed these shoes from Vagabond being advertised and kept flicking back to look at them. I don't mind paying that little bit extra for beautiful, comfy shoes that are made of real leather, therefore lasting longer.

Is there anything on your wishlist at the moment?


  1. Those shoes :O
    Its all stunning, this would make for an amazinnnng outfit.

    Kelly from |Daydreams & Daisychains

    1. I know! Defo top of my wishlist! thank you! x

  2. I'm in love with the pjnk top, it's just to die for!

    You have great taste lady, putting together different pieces of all you have chosen, make amazing outfits!

    1. I'm not so in love with the price tag!
      thank you very much! x