Sunday, 8 March 2015

eBay Brushes: Worth the Save?

Hello! I always think that if you're spending more money, the general idea is that you're gaining more for it. Sometimes this isn't true, but sometimes I find that spending a little more money gets you exactly what you asked for, even if it did only cost you £1.49. Yes, these brushes cost me £1.49. I just searched brushes on eBay and found these ones and thought that it's so cheap I can't really complain if they aren't up to the same standard as some of my other, more expensive brushes. Of course, I can't complain, but I can let you know my thoughts.

The biggest thing about these brushes is.. literally how big they are. For eye brushes, I'd say they're bigger than I'm used to and would be much better for blending in concealer. There are two that I do like, but the others are just a little too big and quite frankly all very similar. The brushes haven't shed at all (yet) when I've used them, which is obviously a good thing. They're good for the price, but I don't image that they will last too long and the feel of the brushes themselves feels a little brittle and cheap. For now they will do the job and it was not a waste of money as they're good enough at what they do but I wouldn't continue buying them as I feel that these are just a good step in for better brushes for now. On the whole, I'd normally not buy cheaper brushes as brands like RT and Bobbi Brown are always quality that lasts for a really long time. 

This brush is super dense and tapered. Because of this, I assume that it is for the crease, but I really like this to apply highlight under my brow bone as it's precise. This is a little stiff, probably due to the density but it kind of feels hard. It does the job I want it to do though and if I could only keep one I'd keep this one.

This is my second favourite brush of them all and smaller than the other fluffier ones. It's great for blending out the edges of cream shadow and just giving your shadow that finished look. I think my Real Techniques Duo Fibre Brush does a better job, but I always like to have two blending brushes when I'm doing my make up.

Worth the save - perhaps. But continuing to buy these brushes again and again adds up. Personally, I'd prefer to splash out a little more on Real Techniques that last longer and I don't have to replace or Zoeva or Sigma, which are also low prices for good quality. I'll check back in when I've used these brushes to the very end of their life, but I won't be purchasing anymore.

Have you ever bought brushes from eBay? What did you think?

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