Monday, 16 March 2015

French Pharmacie Picks

Hello! In a few weeks I'm off to France and I always like to pick up some things from the pharmacie that we might be able to get here but is a little cheaper. Here are my picks for the pharmacie!

French Pharmacie Picks

Back in December  I visited the La Roche Posay Launch for Serozinc and while it's not on the top of my list to pick up, I really loved the Toleriane range. The Toleriane Ultra Moisturizer I loved and will definitely be picking up, but I've been looking at the other things in the collection and the Dermo-Cleanser caught my eye. It's a make up remover and my micellar water is running low so I thought this would be something good to try if I spot it. 

Something else is just a small bottle of Bioderma, something that I actually haven't tried because I like the Garnier one a lot which is a lot cheaper and easier to get hold of. Again, something I'll pick up if I spot it as obviously it's a hugely popular product that everyone loves and I'd love to see how it compares!

Nuxe is actually available in some M&S stores which I love and last time I went in my mum and I were spritzing this Dry Oil that has a slightly golden shimmer to it. This would be so lovely for occasions in the summer and even in the spring to give yourself a golden look without having to fake tan. It would also look great after you've been on holiday or if you catch the sun at home to compliment your tan!

Eucerin is a brand that I've never tried, but after reading about it it is really all about repairing dry skin and adding hydration back into skin that feels tight or uncomfortable. For my face, I find that Toleriane Ultra really gets the job done and soothes my face but I find my scalp really problematic. This promises to soothe a dry scalp and I would love it if this sorted it out!

Finally, a face mask. Yes, Toleriane Ultra soothes my dry skin but I do find I need a boost sometimes. I've never tried a hydrating mask but I think my skin would really benefit from having this boost once in a while. Something else I have my eye on for soothing skin everywhere is Boiron Homeoplasmine Cream. This is a real cult product with make up artists and models as it hydrates the skin and dries to a matte finish. The balm soothes itchy and sore areas, cuts and repairs cracked skin. This is apparently a miracle for the lips, hands, feet and elbows - perhaps great for an avid self tanner or just for someone who needs that hydration quickly and effectively. This is top of my list to pick up!

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