Friday, 13 March 2015

Spring Glow

Hello! I've noticed the popularity of Topshop products, and this one in particular, increase over the past couple of years. I go through phases - sometimes I love it and can't be without it but sometimes I'll give it a miss. This Glow in Polished is great for the tops of the cheek bones or down the nose and it gives that super natural sheen.

I apply this product with my fingers and pat it into my skin before foundation. If I need a little more then I'll put it over the top of my foundation, but I find applying this over the top can sometimes make it sit on top of my foundation. This way I find it blends naturally and you can build it up. I tend to buff it in with my foundation with a Real Techniques buffing brush. I find this is the most natural way to highlight and if I want it more intense it's very easy to build up. This could be set after foundation with something really subtle like MAC Soft & Gentle to give a little more sheen. This also goes great on the cupids bow, down the nose and on the forehead and I do this all under my foundation and then again if I want to build it up more. I think if you're one who likes something really subtle and super easy then this is great because it's like a cream eye shadow for your face - super easy to blend, best applied with fingers and a great base for everything else!

Have you used this? Or do you have another cream highlighter that you love?

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  1. This sounds great, I need to try some Topshop beauty products!
    Kirsty x