Sunday, 23 November 2014

Day to Night with Cosmopolitan Las Vegas #cosmopolitanchic

Hello! I was emailed by Cosmopolitan Las Vegas and they told me about their Vegas Day to Night outfit posts which lots of bloggers have been participating in recently so I thought I would give it a go. You can check out their website here for yourself to get ideas to create your own! I really enjoyed piecing together Vegas-style outfits on Polyvore which I use a lot anyway to create looks so try it for yourself and tweet it to @VEGAScom!

I chose a bold blazer that would work in a few situations and kept the theme black and gold. 

For day I chose something that would happily take you to a bar and out for lunch. The blazer is very bold and this specific one is rather expensive but you could pick any gold blazer. I think it adds some richness to the outfit which screams Vegas. I didn't want to go heavy with detail on the top so I picked this simple but interesting top so that if you took off the blazer you were still left with some detail on your top half. I went with jeans so that it wasn't too much for the daytime but paired it with black and gold heel-boots to dress it up - don't do it by halves in Vegas! I accessorized this with a gold watch, bangle and dainty ring but avoided a necklace as there's a lot on the top half with the blazer and the pattern on the top. Bag wise I chose a simple clutch so that you aren't carrying too much about. You can add the strap onto the bag so that you can keep your hands free but in big cities and crowded places I would always ensure that it closes properly. For nails I would go for black nails with a gold accent nail which has a gold sophistication to it but isn't too much for the day or too little for the evening - perfect transition. If you're chilling by the pool you can ditch the blazer for a light outfit and when you're heading out while it's still light just slip it back on again!

So you've popped back to the hotel after a bit of time by the pool, a shopping trip, lunch and a drink in a bar in order to get ready for some dinner, another trip to another bar and a nightclub or two. When you have this beautiful statement blazer that can be really dressed up you don't need to ditch it for the evening. For going out I ditched the jeans and pretty top for some leather trousers and a simple black shirt to enhance your blazer. I paired these with even more gold studded heels to add some detail to your bottom half. I kept my nails the same and accessorized heavily with gold. I kept the watch the same and added lots of simple gold rings as well as a detailed cage ring and a lion ring. I kept a clutch as you can keep it close to you when you're out so you won't lose it or have it taken. Just pop in your room key, phone and your lipstick incase you need a top up and head out the door. 

There we have my day to night outfit which features this beautiful gold blazer that you can dress up or down. Let me know what you think or what you would wear and check out the #cosmpolitanchic tag on Twitter to see other people's ideas and create your own!

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