Saturday, 22 November 2014

CHRISTMAS | Girlfriends and Sisters

Hello! Welcome to the beginning of my Christmas posts. I like to get pretty organized and plan what I am going to get everyone for Christmas so I hope this isn't too early for anyone (the John Lewis was released on the 6th so this can't possibly be too early!)! I thought I would give some tips to anyone struggling to think of a great gift for different people in their lives. First of all, girlfriends and sisters!

CHRISTMAS | girlfriend 
 1. A special purse or bag. Purses are something I never seem to be able find for myself. All of the ones I want are out of my price range and to be honest, they never seem to fit all my needs perfectly. A special purse might be something that the person you're buying for would never buy for themselves and they last for such a long time on top of being pretty timeless!

2. Books. There is always a book to fit someone's hobbies and interests. Make up, shoes, fashion or even just a classical read. Perhaps get them the hardback or a special edition in order to make it super special, complete with festive message inside.

3. A nice piece of jewellery. If someone wears jewellery all the time then get them something that will fit in with what they wear.   For example if they only wear silver or gold get them a piece in that colour or if they wear dainty pieces then get them something equally dainty or contrast it with something a bit more chunky and maybe something they would wear for special occasions. Pandora is a popular choice and if they already have a bracelet you can add a charm or you can go outside of Pandora, of course. Whatever you get them, it needs to be wearable for them, just keep that in mind.

4. A fashion accessory. A beanie or a scarf are perfect for many times of the wear. I know lots of people wear beanies really often and scarfs aren't just something you can wear in winter to make an outfit look a bit more dressy. Grab something that suits their style and that you think they would be able to pair with lots of things.

5. A Polaroid camera. And somewhere to put the photos. These are brilliant presents for anyone as it's so exciting to take pictures with others and wait for the result. So old school (my mum does not understand why teenagers have these!)

6. A candle. Candles can get pretty expensive sometimes and I wouldn't spend too much on a candle for myself. If someone you're buying for is a big candle lover or just likes smelly things then buying them something like a Diptique candle would be a fantastic gift for them and not something they would splash out on for themselves.

7. Perfumes are always a great gift as if they have a signature scent it's always something they will use after they've run out of their current bottle. Of course, if you guess a scent it's a bit of a risk but maybe have a sneak about their room/dressing table to see what they use a lot!

8. A day out. No, not literally buy them a pair of ice skates, but perhaps take them ice skating and make a day of it. I know that in London you can get tickets at the Natural History Museum, Winter Wonderland and Somerset House (I've been to Somerset House a couple of times and love skating there!) Even if you or them aren't very good it's entertaining to watch one another fall over. You could similarly get them tickets for a show or a concert. Whatever suits them/you. 

9. Some fancy bath time things. The Laura Mercier Creme Brule Honey Bath is quite a popular bath time thing in the blogging world, although I've never tried it myself. Something that they might not fork out the money for very often is always a special gift, and sometimes bath things just do not come cheap.

10. A chair. I know, weird. But the idea came from my friends boyfriend getting her an armchair last year and she loved it so much. I have no idea how he thought of it but I thought it was quite a nice idea. If they have a big room or nowhere in the house to sit and curl up with a magazine/book then this is a quirky idea!

There we are, 10 ideas for your girlfriend, sister or even just a friend. You could also make them something super cute and personal if you don't feel that any of these will do the trick. A photo frame or a little scrap book always has a super personal touch!!

I hope you're all excited for Christmas and that this has given you a little bit of inspiration!

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