Wednesday, 26 November 2014

CHRISTMAS | Boyfriends and Brothers

Hello! I find brothers, boyfriends and dads notoriously hard to buy for. They always seem to have exactly what they need - a wallet, a watch, aftershave. So I had a discussion with my brother and we came up with a nice little list to help you along your way when Christmas shopping for boys. Second in my Christmas-ideas line up; Boys.

CHRISTMAS | boyfriend 

1. Cufflinks. Boys tend to get to an age where they have to wear a shirt at least once a year. For school, dinners and work a nice pair of cufflinks will always come in handy. Maybe if they love something like football you could find a pair sporting their interest (accidental pun, kind of) which would make it extra personal. 

2. A wallet or bag. Boys tend to stick with one wallet for a long time and be pretty happy with what it does. It holds a couple of cards, some notes and perhaps a coin or two and in their eyes it is doing what it was made to do. The same with bags. You could treat whoever you're buying for to a nice leather wallet or bag which is perhaps leather and a bit more expensive than something they would buy for themselves.

3. I don't really know if boys like Lush but they do have lots of stuff that is aimed at men like shaving foam and cleansers. If it's a boy you live with you can always steal some of the shaving cream for your legs so even if they don't get a lot of use out of it, you will.

4. As much as I hate Xbox's and Playstations, quite a lot of boys use them. My brother is an avid Xbox user and plays online and all that stuff so Christmas is a great time to get the new Fifa or whatever is coming out these days. I really don't know, I'm not down with gaming. My boyfriend is a serious Sims player if he has a spare hour so if you know a Sims player that is still on Sims 3, apparently Sims 4 exists!

5. Similar to what I put in my Girlfriend and Sisters post, you could treat a boy to a day out. A cinema trip, match or a concert is always a good idea and you don't always have to go with them. Get your dad to join your brother or vice versa and give them a ticket each so they get to go together. Perhaps you don't fancy going to a sports match with lots of cheering men (I don't!)

6. Smelly things. I think boys are less fussy with their smells and everything boyish always smells pretty good. I'm a big fan of Hugo Boss smells so I usually get my brother a bottle for Christmas but go into Boots and have a sniff. If you like it, chances are they will too!

7. A watch. If they don't have a watch then they're always something that you can buy for them that they would never think to get for themselves. If you get them something classic and timeless (another pun?!) then they will always be able to wear it, and just replace the battery in the future.

8. A Polaroid. Again. They're just such a nice idea and I would recommend them to people who like taking photos a lot so that they can capture memories!

9. Clothing. Sometimes boys tend to neglect clothing and forget that it is in face, a necessity. My brother never buys himself clothes but always appreciates a nice shirt or beanie so I always think it's a pretty safe option. If they hate it they can return it and you could always go help them pick it out!

10. A hip flask. I think these are always nice ideas as you can get so many designs, add a bit of leather or eve their name or initials. You can really tailor it to them and it's quite a nice thing to have around!

11. Finally, a leather book. If someone you know likes writing things down or they're going off somewhere you could get them a special book so they can record it all. It's just something nice that they can make their own and you could pair it with the Polaroid so they have somewhere to put them all!

I hope this gives you some inspiration for boys. Again, you could buy them a picture frame or make them something that is quite personal. Good luck with the hardest quest of all: presents for boys.

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