Wednesday, 3 December 2014

CHRISTMAS | Friends + Money Saving Gifts

Hello! My friends and I always do Secret Santa between us as it means that we can get a larger gift for one person, rather than something small for everyone. We normally set a guideline budget (that none of us really stick to) but I have put together this list as some things you could get if you're on a smaller budget or want to get something special for a friend. The final phase of Christmas ideas.

CHRISTMAS | friends

1. Lush Products or smelly stuff. Lush has something to suit everyone. Shower gels, bath bombs, face masks and gift sets. Whatever it is you can probably find something that is a special little present and you could also make your own little hamper of products you know are their favourite or a selection of the Christmas Collection. Lush is your oyster.

2. A charm. If your friend has a Pandora bracelet you could get them a christmassy charm or a charm that reflects something they love. It's pretty simple but it builds up a bracelet beautifully. Likewise, you could buy them a bracelet from elsewhere that they will be able to wear all the time.

3. Slippers. After Christmas I always have a slippers phase. I'm not sure why because I generally hate wearing socks or having feet that are hot but they make me feel super Christmassy. Primark is a great place for really comfy slippers that won't break the bank so it's always worth a look!

4. P-jays. Again, Primark is a great place for really comfy pyjamas. I love matching sets of pyjamas and you can find loads in various different shops. You can get matching with your friend or just something similar, whatever floats your boat. It's just an idea.

5. Perfume. Zara perfumes, to be exact. All of Zara's perfumes smell really good and they're pretty cheap so they would put you out too much. Last year I got one with glitter in and I really loved it! I have a couple of others as well for a couple of seasons and they come in really pretty bottles. Just saying.

6. Knickers. Topshop do 3 for £10 I think which is a great thing to put with a couple of nail varnishes or a Lush bath bomb. You can never have too many pairs of cute Topshop knickers!

7. Frozen. Or any DVD but Frozen seems incredibly appropriate. Most people I know love Frozen and/or know all of the songs so I don't see where you could go wrong. The Fault in Our Stars just came out also if they already have Frozen. Whatever DVD you buy you can all sit down in a girl group and watch it after you've exchanged your presents.

8. Nail Varnishes. Very simple and they don't have to be Essie. I love Barry M and Rimmel for their nail polishes and chances are there is a deal on at Boots that allows you to pick up 3 for 2. If you're buying more than one friend a gift you could pick out 3 polishes and 3 pairs of knickers and give them one of each. Just a way to stretch your pounds!

9. A book. There is a book out there that will bring your friend a few hours of joy and something they can look back on. Add a personal festive message inside to make it super special and they will never forget it!

10. A photo frame or album of you and your friend. This is a good one for your best friend and you can leave space in the back so that they can add to it in years to come!

I hope this gives you a couple of purse-friendly ways to get cute and thoughtful gifts for your friends this Christmas. If none of you have a great deal of money then give the Secret Santa idea a go and then each of you will get something a little bigger. Stick to a £10/£15/£20 budget, depending on how much you are all able to spend.

I hope this series has been helpful. Happy spending!

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