Wednesday, 10 December 2014

La Roche Posay Launch & Festive Event

Hello! I was extremely excited when I heard I would be going to the La Roche Posay Launch and Festive Event. I have spoken about their products before and I am a huge fan of what they can do for sensitive or allergic skin as I find that, particularly as the weather changes, my skin becomes really hard to work with. They were launching a new product into the UK market and I was really excited when I found out what that product was.

As La Roche Posay is a French brand, it can be extremely hard at times to get hold of although it has come increasingly easier during this year to pick up products like the Effaclar Duo + and the items which are incredibly popular all around the world. However, there is one product that beauty bloggers and 'YouTube-ers' alike have been crossing the channel to get their hands on for a very long time now and I have heard nothing but amazing things. Ladies, (and gentlemen!) Serozinc is here.

Serozinc is a toner with the main ingredient being zinc sulphate solution (there are only two more: water and sodium chloride). It aims to cleanse the skin and soothe irritation from razor burn to redness as well as reduce oil on the skin which goes on to prevent acne and skin imperfections. As it comes in an aerosol can it makes it so easy that it's difficult to miss out and although this is my preferred method, if you wanted to use a cotton pad for a bit of exfoliation or just because you prefer it then go for it. It's 'toner' title suggests use between cleanser and moisturizer but you can use this to freshen up in the day also if you're becoming a little oily in places or are in need of a cool down. I'll get back to you on how effective this is for me, which I'm hoping it will be because I have heard nothing but good things (except the idea that perhaps it isn't worth the journey across the channel but now that is eliminated!) It will be available to purchase from the 1st of January on but you can head over there now and sign up to the waiting list!


The event itself was lovely (despite it taking a while to find). There were festive drinks and little canap├ęs which were cicuating the room all night and now allowing anyone to go hungry. There was a great talk by those who worked at La Roche Posay and Dr. Leslie, a famous dermatologist which I found so helpful because sometimes I am kind of like 'so... what does it do, exactly?' There was a human-sized bottle of the Serozinc which perhaps was a little bit of a giveaway when you first walked in about what they were launching and a blue carpet which Katy (therawrdrobe), Emma and Emily (emandthem) and I all had a photo on with my polaroid camera. I have some products from La Roche Posay that I'm currently trying out but my thoughts on all of them will be with you shortly, including Serozinc!  

Have you been across the sea for a bottle of Serozinc before? Or have you tried much from La Roche Posay before?

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