Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Hello! I don't know about you, but I feel like Company Magazine made a mistake going digital. Every month I desperately looked forward to going into the shops and picking up a new copy and I miss having a physical magazine to read, or one at all as I don't buy the digital version. I've been an avid reader of Company since I can remember and when I was moving house back in February I threw away years worth of issues, including ones before they redesigned. To fill the void that is now left I have been looking at magazines which could be a replacement and perhaps a little more specific to my current interests.


1. i-D. I first heard of i-D when I went to a university open day and they had it in their little shop on campus so I jotted it down and looked it up when I got home and I've been searching for it in a shop ever since. i-D has built itself a reputation for reinventing and inspiring fashion for all those involved in fashion culture and has included people from many creative backgrounds such as Tom Ford, Madonna and Kate Moss - all giving a cheeky wink. A years subscription includes 6 issues at about £27 which is incredibly good value and extremely tempting... 

2. LOVE. Love magazine is a twice-a-year magazine that aims to inspire designers, artists and just anyone looking for visual inspiration in fashion or design. Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevigne and Miley Cyrus have all been featured within the magazine and they look to feature up and coming music developments, art and fashion. A mystic ball for the creative world if you like.

3. The Creative Review. The Creative Review is just like any other 'Review' - it displays the latest projects, people and inspiration for a specific field. In this case, it's all things creative (as the title would suggest) but if you take a look and are particularly interested in Economics, English or any other subject then there is a review for almost anything. It's actually a great way to read further in your subjects if you're at school and lots of departments at my school are subscribed so that you can read essays and just broaden your knowledge. Great for your personal statement if you're thinking about applying to university this year (eek!) or next year or just for your exams. Or even just personal interest!

4. boat. A travel and culture publication. Boat magazine presents its reader with a new city each issue, showing you how inspiring a city can be and really getting right into the cracks of the city. London, Los Angeles, Athens and Lima have all been focused on so far. Great if you're an avid traveler looking for some iinspirationon where to go next. It contains pictures, interviews, personal profiles and artwork from each place, giving you an honest and bare view on a city every issue. Even the covers are inspiring. 

5. Violet. A publication focusing on leaders, authors, entrepreneurs and all-round inspiring and amazing women including Alexa Chung and Brit Marling. Alyson Swan, creator of Violet, aims to inspire and motivate women to create their own career and success through her inspiring interviews and editorials so that women can get to know women who can inspire them. 

6. In Bloom. A publication for youths with curious and creative minds. It captures fresh talents in music, fashion, literature, art and photography while also giving an industry insight to all. 

I hope that some of these catch your eye and maybe you might pick up a copy if you spot one in a shop next. You can order single issues from a couple of magazine websites which make it easy for you to find smaller and more independent magazines. I hope I've given you a little bit of reading-inspo. Happy reading! 

Let me know if you've read any of these magazines before or if you have any other suggestions along the same lines!


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