Thursday, 30 October 2014


Hello! There has been a series  of unfortunate events... I was  only planning to stay away from blogging for a week but my laptop has decided that browsers apparently aren't a thing, meaning that I haven't been able to properly blog so I'm coming to you from my Kindle. Does anyone else really hate all of the blogger apps?... 

I saw Clean Bandit on Tuesday nightand thought I would share with you all my thoughts (clue: they didn't disappoint!)

First and foremost, the venue was great. It was held at the De la Warr Pavillion which is fairly small making it great for an intimate evening. We were about three rows back and to the right of the stage which still left us being able to see perfectly. 

The support act was Colour the Atlas which consisted of 3 boys on all of the instruments, one of which also sang and a girl who was playing the keyboard and the main vocals. You may have heard them on radio 1 recent just if you're a big fan of their introducing bands. They went really great with the act to follow although they were all very slow sings whereas I would  have liked to seen someone with a bit more  energy and movement. They have a lot of stuff on YouTube and iTunes so go check them out!

Clean Bandit started of with A and E, a personal favourite of mine. Florence Rawlings and Elisabeth Troy are the vocalists on their current tour who I have seen do live lounges with them in the past on radio 1 and I think that they know the group so well. The dynamics between Clean Bandit and their vocalists are really great and it adds to the enjoyment of watching them perform. 

I found it really amazing that they were on stage playing electric cellos and violins and there were teenagers (and adults) all dancing to it, enjoying it and singing along to every word. If you are not familiar with Clean Bandit's music the band does all of the music with violins, keyboards and add vocalists on the top like Jess Glyne in Rather Be and Real Love. They had a special guest join them in the stage which was Sharna Bass from a more recent song Extraordinary. Again, she gelled with the band seamlessly and was a pleasure to watch. 

My personal favourite part of the show was the last two songs. They sang a cover of You Got To Show Me live which was a lovely surprise and they still put their own Clean Bandit twist on it. They finished up with Rather Be which the whole audience was singing along with and you could hear that everyone was enjoying themselves. 

I had an amazing evening and they're just as good live, if not better which I love from an artist. Go see Clean Bandit live if you get the chance, especially if it's in a small, intimate venue! 

Hopefully I will get to sort out my laptop soon so I can start blogging properly again but I will try my best from my Kindle!

Lots of love, Hannah xxx

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