Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Acrylic Nails / The Low Down

Today I got my acrylics taken off after having them since the end of May. They were great for my birthday and leavers ball and other events I had going on (see my catch up post) but after a couple of them snapping and having them for nearly 2 months they began to annoy me and become inconvenient so I decided to get them taken off before my holiday. I thought I'd tell you how I got on with them and what I think of them as well as my plans to get my nails back on track now that they're a little thin and brittle.

Getting them on and the process // My boyfriend's sister did all of my acrylics for me including the full set, infills and removal and after seeing the care that she did it with I would not go to a nail bar to get them done or let them use a drill on my nails because she managed to keep my nails in the best condition possible (although acrylics will make your nails brittle). The filing on your actual nail does make me cringe a little bit but it's something that just makes the acrylics look as good as possible and why I would not get them re-done every few months. The couple of my nails that snapped off (three snapped in total) are now much thinner and tender than any of my other nails and will definitely take longer to return to their 'normal' state.

snapped acrylics hurt 

when I first got them on

Getting them off and aftercare // As I said, I got my nails done as a treat to myself for things I had going on and they did feel really special and great for a while but after I started working more now that it's summer it became a bit of a hassle and I was catching them on things which was quite painful so I just decided to get them off so that in the sunshine they would grow and breathe. I am actually now using O.P.I's Nail Envy which I applied after getting them off so I will report back in a couple of weeks to let you know how I have got on with it and whether I think it's worth the huge price tag! My nails could be in an awful condition but actually aren't too bad and they have grown to the length that my acrylics were and I'm hoping I can keep them like that!

freshly off and coated with nail envy

freshly off and painting with nail envy

Thoughts // I would not be one to have acrylics all the time or for no reason but I think I would consider them getting them again for a special occasion in the future. I would be even more up for it if this O.P.I Nail Envy works wonders on my nails so I'll let you know!

the day before I got them off

my new best friend

Have you gotten acrylics before? What did you think and would you get them again, or do you have them all the time? And have you ever used Nail Envy and how did it work for you?

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