Tuesday, 28 July 2015

H&M HOME: Grey, White & Copper

I've fallen for the copper trend. Normally I wouldn't be such a magpie to such a trend since I see no real point in spending a great deal of money on homeware type items since I am 18, living at home and not exactly in the position to spend money on such, honestly, useless items. However, we have been moving house for the past year and while we have waited for the house to be built I have become increasingly more obsessed with planning every single detail of my new bedroom. Also, H&M is super cheap and they are very accommodating to my grey, white and copper needs. And I love their marble trend, too.


Chopping board - £9.99 / Vases, pots, bowls and candles - £4.99 - £13 / Throw - £40 / Basket - £7.99  Jar - £13 / Tray - £15 / Bedding - £30


  1. h&m is what dreams are made of, i need that duvet cover x