Saturday, 25 July 2015


I've been spotting things again... and ordering them. I really liked my quick little 'SPOTTED:' post I did about the River Island Cami Bikini Tops (here) and I thought I would post this gem I spotted in the Zara sale... £50ish to £22.99 is my kind of bargain. I love the subtle two-tone and I have been searching for a bag for ages with a zip, a hand and shoulder strap and handy compartments. This ticks all boxes but has proven very difficult to find! Preferably I wanted black but this caught my eye and was too pretty to click away. For the price, practicality and prettiness, I just couldn't leave it alone.


I am travelling a lot in the next two months as well and the size means I will be able to get in lots of travel essentials and although it's not quite big enough to use as a hand luggage bag when you have nothing else, such as a bag in the hold, it will fit inside my suitcase and I can fill it with travel essentials! I'll be posting soon something along the travel essentials line, so stay tuned.

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