Thursday, 30 July 2015


For my lovely best friend's birthday I thought she deserved a lovely treat so months in advance I formed a plan. This plan was unavailable to put into action 30 days prior to the treat itself but when the time came Ice Bar, London was booked.

Ice bar had a great selection of some of my favourite cocktails as well as ones I haven't heard of. I stuck to vodka as tequila has funny effects on me and the mojito's were delicious! In the square cups made of ice they were super cold and, although it is a little gimmicky you are paying for the great experience that we had! As you drink your glass melts away from your mouth which was weird but kind of cool, too. Just don't drop your glass as it's £4 for a replacement... and I guess that isn't including the drink!

Even the walls are made of ice... Yes, other people were licking them and yes, that's kind of gross.

Dinner with a beautiful view by the Thames! St Pauls was just to the right which is my favourite building in London and although the sunset in London is not like that on the beach but it was pretty beautiful. We had dinner at Gormet Pizza Company on South Bank and it was delicious! Would recommend if you want somewhere not too expensive and super quick! We were seated immediately at 7:15pm on a Friday!

In a giant pineapple made of ice and quite happy about it. Thanks to the guy who took this photo after I passed my phone to him out of the little peep hole.

These bottles were absolutely freezing! Thanks to the lovely barman... who gave us free shots.

I'm so glad I booked this for us and honestly Ice Bar had some of the best customer service ever since I originally booked for 4 but had to cancel two of the people as they were sick and couldn't make it. Rather than saying it was too late they offered me either a full refund of the tickets or two refills per person missing. Obviously I opted for refills(!) which meant we had 3 drinks each! Definitely something great to do if you're visiting London or wanting to celebrate something special and the Gormet Pizza Company on South Bank (walk towards St Pauls/TATE) was a great place to have dinner on such a warm evening as it gave us a beautiful view and amazing food at a reasonable price considering it's London. I also thought their service was great. Happy Birthday Jojo!

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