Thursday, 14 May 2015

I Need It! | Repurchases

A few weeks ago I entered Boots for a reason. That reason was a couple of items which had recently been discarded into the bin and there has been a void in my bathroom waiting to be filled with their replacements. Because the void was so big I felt that I could only replace the items with themselves. 

I love trying out new things but with skin care I am a little careful with how often I switch it up because my skin, although fairly low maintenance, knows what it likes. These are often the things I repurchase, but it is for a very good reason - it's simple.

I was using the dregs of my Garnier Miscellar water, which I don't use every day but it's great for a lazy removal. I have tried others but I really do think this is the best value for money because of the size and it's pretty good. It is a little drying on my eyes sometimes but once I've finished my skincare 'routine' (I use that word pretty lightly) it's no longer a problem. It's pretty quick and easy - something I really appreciate in a skincare product!

My friend has been really loving Barry M's Hi-Shine in Lychee and I really love this formula. I had this colour a while back but it's mysteriously disappeared. I really wanted it for a wedding I have coming up. It's a beautiful creamy-nude which isn't too manakin-like on me, nor too pastel. A winner that I could no longer live without.

Moisturizer is something I find quite tricky. I like to have one with SPF and one without and my one without had come to an end. It was included in my gift bag at the release of La Roche Posay's Serozinc back in December and although I did find it a little greasy at first, I quickly fell head over heals for it. It is quite thick but my skin loves the moisture it gives and it is really soothing. I can  imagine this to be great on sunburn but I haven't yet tested this out. It quenches dry patches and doesn't break me out. It will definitely have a place in my skincare collection for a while to come and now it's easily available in the UK.

Finally is the Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub from Neutrogena. I do love my cleanser from Kiehl's and Liz Earle and using my Micellar water but sometimes I need something to gently buff off the layer of dirt which sometimes a cleanser doesn't quite do. It may be residue from products, but I find this leaves my skin so smooth and gently removes anything that's on the surface, whether that be dry skin or dirt. It isn't harsh, lasts for ages because you only need a tiny bit and it smells so good in the mornings!

Is there anything that you have to repurchase as soon as you run out?

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