Monday, 11 May 2015

Chisel Cheeks

My make up drawer is lacking in coutour kits. I really love the contoured look and wanted something a little more browny rather than golden to help me create faux cheekbones. I spotted this in Boots and for £6.49 I couldn't leave it on the shelf. 

This pallette has 3 shades, all of which are powders. There is a light powder, a warm, light brown and a darker brown which is a little more ashy and brown. The inside of the palette suggests how to use each shade, showing where to apply with a diagram. The palette is made of a waxy cardboard but shuts firmly with it's magnetised lid. I probably would rather have something a little more sturdy like the Sleek packaging, but for the price I really can't complain. All three powders are really fine and blend amazingly so there are no harsh lines anywhere.

The first time I used this I applied it only to one side of the face to see what difference it made. I started with the darker end of the palette, taking the darkest shade in the hollows of my cheeks, by my temples and around my hairline. Already my face had more depth and shape after blending it in. With the middle shade I took it where the sun would hit; my cheeks, my forehead and my chin, as well as a light dusting on my nose. I used the lightest shade last, taking it under my eyes to set my concealer, along my cheekbones, down my nose and just above my eyebrows. This was the only shade I really had a problem with since it isn't really light enough for my skin. I would rather apply a separate highlighter but it was good for setting my concealer as it is a light powder.

I think this is excellent value for a contour palette and all of the shades have their uses. The browns definitely forfil the job they're meant to do, my favourite being the darkest brown. The lightest is great for setting but doesn't highlight or brighten a great deal. I think this is partly because it's matte and I do prefer a slightly shimmery highlight. It may be better when I'm a little more tanned but for now it isn't quite doing what I wanted from it. I still think the palette is worth it just for the darker shades as they give me depth and shape in my face. I don't mind using a separate highlighter at the price of the palette. If it had been more expensive I would probably feel differently but for now I can't wait to continue using this.

Do you have any highlighter recommendations?

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