Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Check Mate

Hello! I officially moved house today, so this is just a quick post! I couldn't help noticing that while searching through ASOS that there was an awful lot of check about and if there is one pattern I would currently choose to wear all day everyday, it's check. Check, Tartan, Gingham, they're all my favourites of the moment and I really love how often I've seen them while doing my daily scroll through ASOS and such sites. So, quite simply, here are my top Check, Tartan and Gingham picks from ASOS, and I really really want it all!

Let me know if you've been loving check!


  1. I love the tartan trend, I just can't get enough of it. The dresses are so pretty, I especially love the blue one as it's different to your usual red tartan dress! And the prints on the cuffs of the coat are so stylish too, such great detailing. I want it all too! x

    Kathryn | effievanity

    1. I love tartan detail! it pulls everything together I think! x