Sunday, 1 February 2015

Boy Talk | Bulldog Skincare

Hello! Something a little different for you all today. I thought that as Valentines Day is coming up that some of you may be stuck for a gift for your boyfriends. If so, this little review from my boyfriend (18) and my brother (15) might give you an idea. Or your boyfriend, brother or dad may be struggling to find a skincare brand which they like or just don't know where to start so here are their thoughts on Bulldog Skincare.

Bulldog Original Face Wash

Boyfriend: The face wash has cleared up my skin but it does make it a little dry so maybe I should try out the sensitive version although I have extreme combo skin. Before I was using one that was too harsh for my skin but this one isn't as bad and I've enjoyed using it a lot more. I've even already bought another bottle. I've been using it in conjunction with Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub too which I feel has also helped to clear up my skin.

Brother: After I use this my skin feels clean so it definitely works to cleanse. My skin doesn't feel tight or much different to how my skin normally feels after I use it and I don't feel like I urgently need to put on my moisturizer afterwards but I have normal-oily skin. The face wash definitely cleared up my skin but it hasn't completely got rid of any spots or blemishes that I have. At first I noticed a lot of difference but then it is just constant. My skin is now less angry.

Bulldog Original Aftershave Balm

Boyfriend: This is really good and afterwards I don't get any kind of shaving rash. You also don't have to use much at all so the bottle will last me a really long time. I'm really glad that I got this from Hannah's mum for Christmas as I hadn't tried it before and I think all of the Bulldog products are really good.

Brother: This made my skin feel really smooth after I put it on once I had shaved. I think that I could probably get away with using the moisturizer instead of this so I probably won't buy this again once it's run out. Also I don't get too much irritation after I shave.

Bulldog Original Moisturizer

Brother: I use the moisturizer every day, normally at night and it keeps my skin moisturized. It doesn't break me out at all but it takes a while to sink in and once it has sunk in it's still slightly greasy which is also why I choose to use this at night. I do like it though and it keeps my skin well moisturized.

Bulldog Original Eye Roll-On

Boyfriend: When I was using my harsher face wash this stung a little and I do get dry eyes which can cause them to be sensitive. However with the Bulldog face wash my skin isn't as dry which means it doesn't sting. It definitely also depuffs my eyes. I probably wouldn't buy this again as my hypoallergenic eye moisturizer from Boots seems to be more effective for me.

Hope you guys liked this. I assure you there will be more of these as I loved doing something a little bit different and getting other people involved in my blog!


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